Semi Recessed Basins


Semi Recessed Basins feature prominently as one of the ranges of basins model by Britton Bathrooms whose fame as a leading bathroom products suppliers will remain unchallenged. They have actually dominated the market with their modern but elegantly designed products. To increase their popularity, they have published complete product specification in our website . We have extended our full support to them for marketing their merchandize and also act as a bridge between them and the intended buyers for their products. A successful business requires a perfect co-ordination between the seller and the buyer which is our primary objective. Our website is a comprehensive store house of information related to Britton bathrooms.
Semi Recessed Basins by Britton Bathrooms have 3 models which are Britton Bathrooms Cube S20 Semi Recessed Basin 20.1954, Britton Bathrooms Curve S30 500 Semi Recessed Basin 30.1965 and Britton Bathrooms Fine S40 500 Semi Recessed Basin AQ.6610. Britton Bathrooms Cube S20 Semi Recessed Basin 20.1954 weighs 15.3 kg with 1 tap hole and made up of Vitreous China material with an overflow rate of 20 L/s. They have an integrated overflow and since they have been processed at 2,200 degree fahrenheit (1,200 degreees celsius) for forty hours, their quality is tough with the application of silica glaze for preservation of color and prevention of porosity. An aqua overflow ring is given as a supplement and there is an integrated overflow system with a crystal or sapphire basin tap. All are welcome to visit our website for details.

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