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Britton Bathrooms who are associated with the manufacture of exemplary qualities of bathroom products and accessories produce Bottle Traps that are a variety of taps. Our website gives all the details concerning different models of bottle traps produced by Britton bathrooms. We serve as a guide to the probable customer by furnishing important information like the product model, technical description that specify the material used and price comparability for making a sound decision before buying any item. Our idea is to create an awareness amongst our website users about the latest bathroom products in the market because our website primarily deals with the promotion of bathroom products and accessories.
Bottle Traps are of 3 varieties produced by Britton Bathrooms. Britton Bathrooms Flat Bottomed Basin Bottle Trap W13 is made out of all brass body construction and chrome plated finish for better endurance. Combination of modern design with latest technology as resulted in this model of premium item.
Britton Bathrooms Round Bottomed Basin Bottle Trap W14 just like the preceding model discussed has been made by Britton bathrooms using chrome plated finish and all brass body construction. Another brand available under bottle trap is Britton Bathrooms Square Bottomed Basin Bottle Trap W17. The bottom portion of these bottle traps have been given different shapes like flat base, round and square.

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