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Our Store offer you an exquisite variety of air pool bath. It is the most luxurious bath you can have at your home in unbelievable prices. We are offering great discounts without compromising on the quality of the product. You can browse our website or you can visit our showroom for options according to your needs and choices.
We offer you to choose the best for your family. Here, are some designs illustrated, Frontline Altair Luxury Double Ended Bath. The beautifully designed double ended Oporto bath from Frontline has striking bold lines and curves which is sure to be the center piece in your bathroom. Perfect for a alcove situation or in the center of the room using some bath panels to complete the look. As standard this bath is supplied 1700 x 750mm but a larger bath is available, please contact us if you require this.
We also have Offset corner bath which is ideal for a larger sized bathroom the luxury Orlah offset corner bath is designed for the perfect bathing experience. The Orlah bath is 1500 x 1040mm. we assure you the best quality available in the market. We will deliver you the product in three days. Our product is the best and is according to your needs and tastes.

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