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Our Stores ensures an array of quality products that are inexpensive whilst they serve their purpose and durability is not withstanding compromised. There are a number of items that can be added to a standard shower which can turn it into a mini spa in your own home. Many of these items will provide that little extra touch all at a modest cost with our discounted pricing structure. Why not choose a body jet to the shower which ensure that soothes all those aching muscles and with any number of these fitted to the shower you really will turn an ordinary shower into your own special spa while saving on outside spa expenses. All of the body jets can be fully adjustable for each member of the family and provide multi-angle deep cleaning bathing.
We feature seven body jets at our online shop all sourced from the top manufacturers, precision engineered with a high quality finish and many have easy clean nozzles for that soothing water jet. For the over bath shower we illustrate a number of shower curtain rails which will enhance any bathroom and keep the floor of the bathroom dry. These rails are finished in high chrome or antique gold and we offer straight, curved or an elegant ?U? shape, perfect for your pretty curtain. For the elderly or disabled person, how about one of the fifteen shower seats that can be seen. You can choose a simple stool, shower bench or chair or you could fit an adjustable folding seat to the shower wall or wet room, perfect for a comfortable sit or even to wash your feet. Pay us a visit for more amazing products.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 44 items