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    At Our Store, we offer an impressive range of Aqualisa taps and basins at very cheap and affordable prices. We are known widely for innovative and very high quality products. The selections are of very high and excellent value and their innovativeness and practical design which makes them the most desirable bathroom products. Choose from various brands that suit and blend with your existing interior or simply pick our exquisite design to be the centerpiece of your washroom. Our catalogue includes taps for bath, kitchen, bidet mixer, tap packs, bibs and the accessories which have been the benchmark for quality and aesthetic sumptuousness over the years. The designs vary from being a simple faucet to elegant and long ones with shaky spouts.
    When buying taps for a basin is probably one of the smaller investment that you will make when remodeling your bathroom, which of course when you are purchasing designer products, taps can also get extremely expensive. Our taps vary from single, double or the mixer tap. Mixer taps however, are most preferred since you determine the temperature of water as it flows out of the tap itself, rather than running two taps in the basin and having the water mix there. For convenience purposes mixer Aqualisa taps are way much better. The basin taps and taps come in a variety of sizes and we assure you of a life time service that will definitely give you a piece of mind.

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    The digital showers from Aqualisa are the most successful shower manufactures and is actually a dream come true for lovers of new trending technology. Aqualisa?s high specification, luxury range includes but not limited to a contemporary electronically controlled shower mixer with comprehensive modern features such as programmable pre-set shower temperatures and flow rates as well as an Eco setting. The remarkable digital bath controller allows you to run a bat, to the depth and temperature desired with the push of the button. Digital showers can simply be installed in as little as two hours with no apparent damage to the d?or and additionally the digital shower can be operated with one touch, making it ideal for the whole family.
    Aqualisa UK is at the moment developing digital showers for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Here at Our Store we have been at the forefront of shower technology for decades, and we are widely known for innovativeness, and high quality products. The selection of Aqualisa bathrooms taps are excellent value, innovative, practical design makes them a truly desired bathroom product. The splendid range of bath taps is meticulously created by Aqualisa to deliver mesmerising again and again. The Aqualisa Midas 200 Thermo Exposed Bath/ Shower mixer tap with adjustable kit includes all the benefits of shower valves but with the ability for bath filing too. Suitable for deck mounting or wall mounting, Midas 200 bath shower mixer tap is supplied with fixing brackets for deck mounting.

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