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For the ultimate bathroom pampering experience why not invest in an Aqualux steam cabin? Our Store provides an array of Aqualux steam cabins that will automatically enhance your comfort zone and create an ambience while you relax in the steam cabin. A session in the in a steam cabin is both a pleasure for its own sake and has the added benefit of hydrotherapy and a massage effect from the multiple jets. Using a steam cabin can turn out to be beneficial for your health and can aid in weight loss by burning up to 300 calories per session. Steam can help relieve respiratory problems, improve circulation and even detoxify the skin. The health benefits are superb and mind blowing, all you have to do is order one for yourself and the most imperative thing is that these steam baths will definitely fit in your bathroom as the space they consume is pretty small.
Aqualux designed these amazing creature with you in mind, not only is it comfortable but also adds a multitude of health benefits to you. Aqualux has two ranges of steam cabins, that is, Crysta and Florenta. The latter range has a round version and a square option to choose from while Florenta comprises two quadrant steam cabins which is a standard and an offset quadrant. They look amazingly beautiful and will automatically add class to your bathroom d?or.

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