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When confronted with the choice of which valve to use when connecting to a Bauhaus tower rail, choose no other than a straight valve if the pipes are through the floor below or angled valves where the central heating pipes are being fed through the wall behind the ladder rail. The best part in making the Bauhaus elements the ultimate choice is that they are supplied with a dual fuel T piece adaptor. For a superb minimalist finish choose the Bauhaus corner radiator valve. The radiator range includes thermostatic, straight and angled, with a range of styles available from modern to traditional.
At Our Store, ensure that customers get the top range quality associated with Bauhaus radiator valves and elements. For a classy appeal choose the electric element and chromium plated T-piece for element and radiator valve connection. Dual energy towel drying radiators continue to offer the warmth and comfort throughout the home during summer months when the central heating systems is not in use and de-activate the immersion heater open in the flow valve. Bauhaus radiator valves and elements have been designed to very easy to install. The product comes with an installation guide. We ensure the valves fit within the elements without any hustle and the performance is just optimum since we all know that Bauhaus products record the lowest returns in terms of product malfunction. Come and shop with us today.

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