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Our Stores has the right choice for you when it comes to choosing the right vanity unit, Bauhaus has proven to be the ideal source of providing the most modern style bathroom vanities. The size of your bathroom is not a problem as we provide bathroom vanities that suite individual bathrooms. The bathroom vanities come for the modern style come in different and materials that one can possibly choose from ranging from woods, modern density fibreboard, glass vanity, or plywood vanity, all these materials have different effect for your bathroom but all promise to leave a classy appeal. The difference in choosing the different materials is the price that is associated with them which also defines the durability.
Among the most trending is the Zen theme bathroom vanity which proves to fit for those who are seeking for a relaxed traditional look, the touch of the materials and technology used to make the material are the most modern and superior. Bauhaus is simply the place to shop for your vanity unit, it puts the design of modern style simple and elegant for the bathroom sanity. The durability is not compromised at all irrespective of which vanity product you choose as there is a lifelong warranty which guarantees the customers a deep sense of relief that the products on offer are quality and meet standards as described.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 146 items