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Amongst the enormous range of bathroom products and accessories produced by Britton Bathrooms , shower trays occupy a significant place and have been briefly described in our website . The motto of our website is to guide the probable customers in getting the best products which are worthy of the money spent in procuring them. By accessing our website mentioned above, one can be rest assured about the company they are going to deal with since, we recommend only those products of the firms that are complying with high standard and safety norms. Since the website has been designed to facilitate easier navigation, browsing is now more easier and saves time while searching for the information.
Britton Bathrooms deal with 89 products under shower trays category. Britton Bathrooms Offset Quadrant Tray 1200 x 800mm Left Z1201 has been given a white finish with modern design and material used for making this product is Acrylic capped ABS. In addition to this, underside of tray has been pre-marked for fitting of feet and comes with a guarantee of 10 years.
Britton Bathrooms Offset Quadrant Tray 1200 x 800mm Right Z1202 has the same qualities as the one mentioned above with similar guarantee. When one speaks of the multiple range of products available under a single category, the name that rings a bell is indeed Britton Bathrooms who are rendering an indispensible service by manufacturing such vast number of products associated with bathroom and toilet.

Shower Trays There are 89 products.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 89 items