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Our Website is proud to be associated with Bristan Showers , an eminent dealer in Mixer showers, Power showers and other varieties of bathroom related products and accessories. Their wide range of mixer shower products are not only displayed in our website but also their competitive prices and description are given to enable the end users to get fair idea about the quality of the products. Bristan Showers have as many as thirty three products available under Mixer shower category of which Bristan 1901 Thermostatic Surface Shower, Rigid Riser & Diverter NSHXDIVC, Bristan Acute Thermostatic Recessed Shower Valve & Riser AESHCARC and Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve with Riser?an be quoted. Bristan 1901 Thermostatic Surface Shower, a premium quality mixer shower manufactured by Bristan Showers has 1901 thermostatic surface?ounted shower with rigid riser and diverter with shower handset. It has been coated with chrome finish and has a 5 year manufacturers?guarantee. Bristan showers have been engaged in the manufacturing process of Showers and taps etc for over 35 years. The quality is thus assured which is why our website has enlisted them.
Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve with Riser? another mixer shower product by Bristan showers also has been made with thermostatic surface mounted bar shower valve with adjustable riser and fast fit connections. They are easy to install and also come with a manufacturer?s warranty of 5 years. For more details one can browse through our website mentioned above.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items