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In an era of fancy bath fittings, lack of space always poses some sort of problems for those who want to get any kind of baths installed in their bathrooms, for baths are a great way to start your day and if the start is rejuvenating, your day ends in a jolly manner too. The offset bath and corner bath market appears to be at a low ebb these days. The bigger corner baths I can appreciate take a lot of room up in a bathroom and as people try to make the best of their bathroom space these large corner baths have fell from favour. On the other hand, when it comes to the Offset corner baths; I can see a lot of bathrooms that would benefit from one of these baths. They do offer a certain parameters that are not available with a standard bath of the same length, the main one is width in the bathing area. They are worth considering. We have a wide range of offset baths and corner baths in our showroom and also on the website for you to see and check out their features. We only sell quality baths from leading manufacturers and distributors of genuine and classy bath accessories. We do not sell any bath that has not been tested or the manufacturer of which hasn?t gained our confidence in customer satisfaction. We have for display on our website and in our showroom some of the best in class and beautiful bath models from leading manufacturers like Aquaestil, Britton, Carron, Frontline, Ideal Standard, Moods, Phoenix, Premier, Roca, Twyford and ultra.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 46 items