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Double end baths- As the name says, are great for sharing a bath if you are so inclined towards doing so. The taps are usually mounted on the side or out of the wall. Here, at Our Store, We have a mix of superb designs and quality baths; a huge range of double ended baths are available in both traditional and contemporary styles from the industry?s leading brands. Bath panels are available in the bath panel category. You will notice lots of baths have few customizable options; these are so you can choose either the standard or the thicker baths. The Coolfill for double ended baths has the dual functionality of a bath waste and integrated bath filler. The bath filler is installed in to your bath?s overflow hole and is effortlessly organized to mix the water feed, giving you a modern negligible vent that negates the need for bath taps. The pop up waste is controlled easily by turning a segment of the overflow tool, which in turn opens and closes the waste. If you are even in a tad bit of doubt, call us! We are already ready to respond and answer your queries. We have a real shop. We only sell baths on our web site that we have sold for many years and have the confidence in the manufacturers. We can fit a quality whirlpool or air spa system to any bath shown on the website.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 145 items