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    In an era of fancy bath fittings, lack of space always poses some sort of problems for those who want to get any kind of baths installed in their bathrooms, for baths are a great way to start your day and if the start is rejuvenating, your day ends in a jolly manner too. The offset bath and corner bath market appears to be at a low ebb these days. The bigger corner baths I can appreciate take a lot of room up in a bathroom and as people try to make the best of their bathroom space these large corner baths have fell from favour. On the other hand, when it comes to the Offset corner baths; I can see a lot of bathrooms that would benefit from one of these baths. They do offer a certain parameters that are not available with a standard bath of the same length, the main one is width in the bathing area. They are worth considering. We have a wide range of offset baths and corner baths in our showroom and also on the website for you to see and check out their features. We only sell quality baths from leading manufacturers and distributors of genuine and classy bath accessories. We do not sell any bath that has not been tested or the manufacturer of which hasn?t gained our confidence in customer satisfaction. We have for display on our website and in our showroom some of the best in class and beautiful bath models from leading manufacturers like Aquaestil, Britton, Carron, Frontline, Ideal Standard, Moods, Phoenix, Premier, Roca, Twyford and ultra.

  • Double Ended Baths

    Double end baths- As the name says, are great for sharing a bath if you are so inclined towards doing so. The taps are usually mounted on the side or out of the wall. Here, at Our Store, We have a mix of superb designs and quality baths; a huge range of double ended baths are available in both traditional and contemporary styles from the industry?s leading brands. Bath panels are available in the bath panel category. You will notice lots of baths have few customizable options; these are so you can choose either the standard or the thicker baths. The Coolfill for double ended baths has the dual functionality of a bath waste and integrated bath filler. The bath filler is installed in to your bath?s overflow hole and is effortlessly organized to mix the water feed, giving you a modern negligible vent that negates the need for bath taps. The pop up waste is controlled easily by turning a segment of the overflow tool, which in turn opens and closes the waste. If you are even in a tad bit of doubt, call us! We are already ready to respond and answer your queries. We have a real shop. We only sell baths on our web site that we have sold for many years and have the confidence in the manufacturers. We can fit a quality whirlpool or air spa system to any bath shown on the website.

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    Freestanding baths are available on other web sites for just under the cost of a bag of sprouts. I like my sprouts, but if I was having a bath I would like it to be a good quality and satisfactory one. You do not have to spend mega bucks to get a good quality freestanding bath. We have a classy collection of some nice budget baths and a whopping collection of the best freestanding baths on the market. The options to choose from are uncountable and the designs available are just tantalizing. Don?t believe us? Have a look for yourself. All the freestanding baths are displayed in our website for you to have a better understanding. Go through them and feel for yourself if you want to enjoy a bath in them or not. Beautiful! Isn?t it? So, Lay back in one of these stunning freestanding baths and you will feel a million dollars even though it costs a lot less. Submerge yourself in a never ending bath that no amount of spa treatment can provide at any cost. Feel the eternal bliss and sanctity of your life just by indulging yourself in one of the freestanding baths by Our Store. We have a range of freestanding baths that serve the purpose of any type of bathroom, may it be of any style or architecture. These bathtubs can take care of any kind of interior design, or fit well into various kinds of bathrooms, whether they are traditional or classy.

  • Inset Baths

    Carved for perfection, these inset baths are made to ensure that you have a comfortable bathing experience the first thing in the morning. A good morning ensures that your day will be good, energetic and full of happiness and positivity. These baths are made up of special and best selected materials that will last very long. You just need to install it once and forget about it. The quality of this product speaks for itself and we assure you that you will not get a product better than this since we already make the best products available to you from the best brands around the world.

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    We always strive to provide the best when it comes to supplying your bathroom needs; be it showers, shower panels, bathroom lights, toilet roll holders, baths, toilets, ceiling panels, bathroom furniture, novelty items or anything else that you could probably relate to your bathroom experience. The products we sell are the best quality and original as we do not make and sell duplicate and cheap copies of famous brands. So what if the price tag may be on the higher side sometimes, you can stay assured that the quality and durability is not compromised at any cost. Not only do we showcase and sell these bathroom accessories and furniture, but also the miscellaneous items that are very important but you cannot find them everywhere, these miscellaneous items include the Bristan Solo Clothes Line Chrome Plated SOLINEC, Bristan Solo Pedal Waste Bin Chrome Plated SOBINC, Bristan Solo Recessed Tissue Box Chrome Plated SOTISSUEC, Bristan Solo Waste Bin Chrome Plated SOWASTEC, Burlington Ceramic Trap For Converting P Trap Pan To S Trap Floor Outlet, Burlington Medium Ornate Bracket, Croydex Homewares 5 litre pedal bin AJ657341, Croydex Homewares Essentials squeegee, Grohe Essentials Wall Mounted Accessories Set Chrome, Grohe Ondus Satin Glass, Ideal Standard IOM Pedal Bin Polished Stainless Steel, Ideal Standard IOM Tissue Dispenser made from stainless steel, Keuco Polished Chrome Elegance Moist Tissue Box, Keuco Polished Chrome Universal Clothes Line, Keuco Polished Chrome Universal Hairdryer With Mount, Moods Trimix 22mm Bath Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Roca Victoria Grilled Container and a lot more. All these items are quality products from well-known manufacturers.

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    In a world where taking a bath is not just a necessity for the sake of health and spirituality, but also a routine procedure that ought to be carried out, we try to make it a luxurious leisure for you, pardon us for the extra time we make you spend in the shower baths of your bathroom, since we know, the comfort and feel of any bath by Our Store is irresistible. These are just as popular today as they were 10 years ago. The baths are available in a lot of designs, round and square shapes. We have a compilation of quality and affordable shower baths. We will add more as we go along. We try to make you comfortable and let you, in a manner, rule your bathroom because that?s the way you feel when you indulge in a comfortable spa treatment, oh yes, shower baths from our collection will make you feel that way, any day, every day, throughout the year. Not only are our high quality baths great on feel, but also on comfort as they are built in a manner to reduce pains and aches. Now you probably wonder why you spent on the spa a few months back! So choose from the wide variety of shower baths that is showcased on our website or visit our showroom directly to feel the grandeur by your naked eyes. We are sure you would love these and want to have them in your bathroom as soon as possible.

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    Our small bath collection features baths from as small as 1200mm long. We have added a few strange shaped baths as well as these are designed to save space. So what if your bathroom is very small and it doesn?t allow a full sized bath tub to accommodate even if you want it badly. Well, worry no more as we have introduced the exquisite range of small baths to suit the requirement of people who don?t have enough space in their bathroom for a bath tub. The small baths by us are good enough for you to sit back and relax while having all the feeling of a normal bath. Currently, we are offering Carron sit Carronite bath that has a dimension of 1200X700X425 mm to be precise and a Phoenix Crystal Single Ended Acrylic bath, the dimensions of which are 1400X700 mm, again good enough for you to have the luxury spa treatment in your home any day and every day. More baths in this category varying a little in their sizes would be added slowly and gradually on our site and the showroom. Spa would just be at your beck and call from now on, you don?t need to spend your fortunes for the same. The good news is primarily for those who either thought bath tubs were for the wealthy, or their bathrooms were just too small, now everyone can have a small bath that can find a corner in bathrooms of any size and shape, not an issue for it.

  • Steel Baths

    Baths made up of steel to ensure utmost strength and durability. Never again will you have to worry about the breakage or damage of your conventional baths. They are practically designed in order to last very long and at the same time they are provided at a very unbeatable and affordable price to you. We are sure that you will not get a better deal than this in the market. These steel baths are provided to you by the best manufacturers like Kaldewei that ensure the best quality in its class. The years of experience really shows in their products as once you start using them, you will always prefer them in future and will also recommend them to others in future.
    The finishing of these products will give you a sensation which will mesmerize your senses and you will have a satisfying experience while you bath in this state of the art perfection. The dimensions of these products are perfect and spacious for all the purposes. You will never have to look further than this. The quality of this product speaks for itself and we assure you that you will not get a product better than this since we already make the best products available to you from the best brands around the world. Why don?t you visit our showroom and have a look for yourself to make your bathroom more classical and luxurious?

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