Bathroom Accessories


While you thought we deal in mostly the bigger names on the housing list, we are happy to let you know that we take care of the minutest things too! We are talking about the bathroom basics here. Of course you need a place for your towels; somewhere you can hang a towel and a place for the toilet roll. We have a great collection of quality items from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Names such as Miller of Sweden famous in john Lewis are listed and available on our web site, Geesa from the Nederland, having superb quality and a range so vast we cannot get it all here. The point that basically we are trying to make here is that whether you want a toilet roll holder, or a towel ring; we have it for you; whether you want a soap dish or a shower basket; we have those too. So basically, everything that you need for your bathroom is available with us and you are most welcome to search and order from the website or come visit our showroom to have a better understanding and look of the items. Neither do we compromise with the quality, nor do we make/sell any cheap copies of famous brands; we have the famous brands with us for your liking and we are contempt that you would be happy to have those for your own special bathroom. Price tend to vary as per quality, but we try our best to provide you the best quality items at the lowest price possible so that you would not need to visit any other store again in your life once you visit ours.

Bathroom Accessories 


  • Bath Racks

    It is needless to say that you need bath racks in your bathroom to keep things in an organized manner. You can keep all the items like shampoos, shower gels, razors and soap on the racks and ensure that they are not affected by water. They even save a lot of space in your bathroom and make it look a bit more spacious that what would have been the situation if there were separate racks for all these items. There are varieties of bath racks available in the market and we insist on providing you only the best without giving you the feeling that you have been robbed for such a necessary section of normal lifestyle. Thus we have a range of bath racks that come in varying shapes and sizes, adjustable lengths, different colours and designs to suit all kind of bathrooms and bathroom interiors. You will find Bristan 1901 Bath Rack with Chrome Finish, Bristan 1901 Bath Rack with Gold Finish, Burlington Brass Extendable Bath Rack, Home of Ultra Chrome Adjustable Bath Rack, Lefroy Brooks Edwardian Wire Bath Rack LB 4940 Finished In Antique Gold, Lefroy Brooks Edwardian Wire Bath Rack LB 4940 Finished In Polished Chrome, Lefroy Brooks Edwardian Wire Bath Rack In Satin Nickel Finish, Roper Rhodes Adjustable Bath Rack, Smedbo Sideline Bath Rack in Polished Chrome. All these variants and designs of bath racks are quality checked before delivery and so you can expect a complete peace of mind while buying any product for your bathroom from us.

  • Bathroom Shelves

    Our range of bathroom shelves provide handy surface space in your bathroom, thus allowing you to keep the things you use more often closer to the hand, and the less frequently used items up and out of your way. Our bathroom shelves come in a variety of designs and styles, so you can choose the ones that best suit your bathroom environment. The bathroom shelves available with us are designed to fit in flawlessly with the arrangement and style of your bathroom. They fit neatly and securely against the wall and look great without compromising with the beauty of your so loved bathroom. The materials used for making these bathroom shelves include useful and durable polypropylene and simple yet stylishly elegant glass, with stainless steel fittings. There are single or double shelves, as well as three-layer triangular corner shelves to help you make the most of your bathroom wall space. Some of the most proficient and commonly used bathroom shelves include the Bristan 1901 Gallery Shelf, Bristan 1901 Glass Shelf with chrome finish, Britton Bathrooms Offset Stainless Steel Shelf With Ceramic Soap Dish, Britton Bathrooms Stainless Steel Shelf With Double Ceramic Tumblers, Burlington Shelf with Railing, Crosswater Modest Glass Shelf 500mm, Croydex Chelsea Glass Shelf, Croydex Kingston Shelf & Tumbler, Ideal Standard Concept 600mm Glass Shelf, Imperial Istia Wall Mounted Glass Shelf, Keuco City.2 Glass Shelf 650mm (No Brackets), Keuco Polished Chrome Universal Grab Bar With Integrated Shelf, Lefroy Brooks Edwardian Glass Shelf, Phoenix Traditional Glass Shelf and the list may never stop.

  • Grab Rails
  • Miscellaneous
  • Robe Hooks

    At Our Store, we have a wide range of bathroom robe hooks that are both stylish and classical at the same time, come in variety of makes and are easily distinguishable from others in the way they present themselves. The shape, size, colour, make, manufacturers, quality and price vary from item to item, but you can be sure that all the bathroom accessories present with us are of great quality so that you do not need to worry about the strength, durability and life of those. The robe hooks in particular are a collection of the combination of some of the best designs and innovation so as to provide a unique look to your bathroom apart from just fulfilling their required function. For display in our showroom and our website we have a great range of robe hooks like Bristan 1901 robe hook in variants of gold and chrome plating, Bristan java robe hook, Bristan prism robe hook, Bristan qube robe hook in chrome finish, Bristan solo robe hook( chrome finished), Burlington double robe hook, Burlington triple robe hook, Cifial AR110 robe hook, Cifial stone mountain robe hook, Crosswater Belgravia Double Robe Hook, Crosswater Central Robe Hook, Crosswater Modest Robe Hook Single Chrome, Croydex Flexi Fix Canterbury Robe Hook, Croydex Hampstead Double Robe Hook, etc. Not only these, we have a lot more of bathroom accessories available for you that are bound to serve your need and match your style statement. You can browse through all the available robe hooks on our website.

  • Soap Dishes

    Bring the superiority and lavish look of a fine hotel to your own bathroom design with the stylish and varied range of soap dishes by Our Store. These items are beautifully created keeping in mind the requirement of the users, the design of the outstanding pieces is worth looking and admiring. You will find a wide range of soap dishes in our showroom and this website and you can select one or more according to your requirement, the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom. All the sop dishes we display and sell are some of the most reliable bathroom accessories in the present day market and the best for regular use. These will be so simple so as to contain soap in them and may even be so stylish to look like a novelty decorative item. The soap dishes and holders are of various shapes, sizes and materials, and fit anywhere in your bathroom giving you a sense of luxury besides saving a lot of space. Some of the varieties of soap dishes that we cater are Imperial Oxford Wall Mounted Soap Dish In Black & Antique Gold, Ideal Standard IOM Frosted Glass Soap Dish & Holder, Grohe Grandera ceramic soap dish with bracket, Croydex Flexi Fix Pendle Soap Dish & Holder, Crosswater Zest Soap Holder, Bristan Prism Corner Wire Soap Basket, Roca Select Wall Mounted Soap Dish, Roper Rhodes Glide Frosted Glass Soap Dish & Holder, Smedbo Bathroom Accessories Cabin Holder With Glass Soap Dish, etc. All of these products are just a glimpse of what we can offer.

  • Soap Dispensers

    Soap dispensers are a nice example of innovation in terms of hygiene and human safety. They are used to dispense liquid soap from a container directly to hands of the user. A soap dispenser is a device that, when operated or prompted properly, yields soap (usually in small, single-use measures). It can be physically functioned by means of a button (or knob), or can be used automatically. The design of a manual soap dispenser is generally determined by whether the soap comes in liquid, powder, or foam form. On the other hand, an automatic soap dispenser is precisely a hands-free slot machine of soap (used for both liquid soap and foaming soap), but usually can also be used for other liquids such as hand sanitizers, shampoos, or hand lotions. Automatic dispensers are generally battery-operated. The touch-free arrangement dispenses the liquid when a sensor detects motion under the nozzle. The electronic components of an automatic soap dispenser allow for a timing device or signal (sound, lights, etc.) which can indicate to the user whether they have washed their hands for the correct amount of time or not. Soap dispensers are generally and most commonly found in public restrooms and hotels, but courtesy of Our Store, you can have it for your personal bathroom without any fear of painful high cost. Feel free to have a look and browse for the different types of soap dispensers that we have at our disposal. Luxury and grandeur will no longer be occasional forms of life.

  • Toilet Brushes

    Here at Our Store we have a striking range of Toilet Brushes and toilet brush holders. Our Bathroom Accessories range is the most wide-ranging series that you will happen to find anywhere online or offline and we are sure that you will find what you are looking for at a matchless price. We deal in bathroom accessories and furniture. We take care of each and every needs related to your bathroom, be it the lightings, fans, basins, baths, toilets, furniture or the petty items like hooks, bolts, joints and similar items that are necessary, but people tend to forget about these. Toilet brushes are of utter importance for any bathroom, for we all know, cleanliness is next to godliness. So keeping ourselves and the nearby clean is not only compulsory, but also hygienic. So we have included a wide range of toilet brushes and toilet brush holders for people to keep in their bathrooms. All the items are light weight, firm, durable, smooth and not to mention, cheap at the same time. The toilet brushes come in varying colours, makes and designs for you to choose from, but they all serve the same purpose and are greatly fitted for any kind of bathroom design and atmosphere. We have for you the Bristan Free Standing Metal Toilet Brush and Holder with Chrome finish, Crosswater Zeya Ceramic Toilet Brush Holder, Croydex Brompton Toilet Brush, Grohe Ondus Chrome Toilet Brush Set, Imperial Cambridge Toilet Brush & Holder In White & Antique Gold, Roper Rhodes 420mm high Tapered Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Holder to name just a few.

  • Toilet Roll Holders

    Have you been searching for bathroom accessories to provide a sense of luxury and comfort to your bathroom? Have you gone across a number of stores just to find nothing but disappointment because the products did not meet your criteria? Well, here, at Our Store we have a remarkable range of bathroom accessories that include Toilet Roll Holders of the best quality and from the leading providers of the world. Our Bathroom Accessories range is the most widespread collection that you will find anywhere on the internet or the physical market. We have toilet roll holders of various designs and materials and we are sure that those will live up to your expectations. The well-known manufacturers of toilet roll holders that we deal with are Grohe, Phoenix, Roca Imperial, Croydex, Bristal, Crosswater, Keuco, Ideal and a few more. So indulge yourself in the comfort and luxury of your bathroom by having these quality products for daily use. You can find all these items on your website and also in our physical showroom. So why wait? Just spare some time and go through the bathroom accessories that we have on display for you; grab them before someone else does. Happy shopping to you.

  • Towel Rails

    Our towel rails help to make the most of the available space in your bathroom, in a suitable and applied manner. From our simple Bristan towel rails to the more elaborate and classy Grohe towel rails of various designs, we have a wide range of towel rails to suit your requirements and adjust to the ambience of your bathroom. We have towel holders, knobs, hooks and rails to suit all kinds; different tastes and requirements. If you have inadequate space in your bathroom or your bathroom is not suitable for a free-standing towel stand, then our range of over-door hooks could be the best solution for you. If you need to accommodate a whole family?s towels, you might want to check out our different styles of easy-to-assemble hooks and rails. And we?ve got different kinds of holders for single towels as well. So all that you need to hang your towels are available at the same place, just choose your desired towel rails and the accompanying accessories from our wide range of bathroom accessories, and you are done, no hassles thereafter. Our Bathroom Accessories range is the most comprehensive range that you will find anywhere online and we are sure you will find what you are looking for at an unbeatable price, and that?s a guarantee to seal our relationship with you. All these products are high quality and original products without any defects. So go through the available range of towel rails and get the one you need to install in your bathroom.

  • Towel Rings

    The best way to organize your bathroom towels largely depends on the colours you select and the overall attitude of your bathroom. There are a few elementary arrangement practices that can be amended for almost any colour or style; however, hanging your towels is most often the most practical and commonly used method to arrange your towels and rightly so, it is the best way to organize your towels. This is the reason that at Our Store, we provide you with a range of towel rings that you can use in your bathrooms to hang your towels at safe distance and height from the water so as to avoid getting them wet. The towel rings available with us come in different styles to suit your bathroom design, space and style. Our range of towel ring includes Bristan 1901 Towel Ring in chrome finish, Bristan Tresco Towel Ring, Crosswater Modest Towel Ring, Croydex Brompton Towel Ring, Croydex Flexi Fix Torbay Towel Ring, Grohe Essentials Chrome Towel Ring, Imperial Cambridge Towel Ring 150mm In White & Antique Gold, Keuco Polished Chrome City.2 Towel Ring, Lefroy Brooks Edwardian Towel Ring, Perrin & Rowe Contemporary 150mm Towel Ring With Nickel Finish, Phoenix Traditional Towel Ring, Roca Victoria Towel Ring, Roper Rhodes Halo Towel Ring and many other similar variants from great and renowned manufacturers. These towel rings will not only save a lot of space in your bathroom, but also make it look beautiful and classy so as to reflect the grandeur of your bathroom to a great extent.

  • Tumblers & Holders
  • Wire Baskets

    Every bathroom needs wire baskets for keeping soaps, novelties and bathroom toiletries organized. Our range of bathroom accessories contains a number of wire baskets of various shapes, sizes, designs and models. You can have a look yourself on this page where we have showcased all the possible types and varieties of wire baskets that we have and that may possibly exist to fulfil your bathroom requirements. At our end, we have varieties of wire baskets like corner basket, soap basket, soap and sponge basket, shower basket, 2 tier corner baskets and many more. The recommended and widely used items are Aquetti Radius Corner Basket, Bristan 1901 Corner Wire Soap Basket Chrome Plated, Bristan 1901 Corner Wire Soap Basket Gold Plated, Bristan 1901 Wire Soap & Sponge Basket Gold, Bristan Shower Enclosure Tidy Basket CARETIDYC, Britton Bathrooms Large Deep Rectangular Wire Basket, Crosswater Corner Double Wire Basket with Dispenser, Crosswater Wire Basket Triple Chrome, Ideal Standard Concept Soap Basket, Imperial Victorian Shower Tidy Soap Rack In Chrome, Keuco Polished Chrome Collection Moll Corner Shower Basket Anthracite, Lefroy Brooks Classic Circular Wire Sponge Basket LB 4506 Finished In Antique Gold, Perrin & Rowe Contemporary Corner Basket, Perrin & Rowe Traditional 260mm Bottle Basket With Nickel Finish and many more. The range of wire baskets with us is so large that the list can go on for few more pages and you just can?t get enough, so there is always a chance to browse through the website for the items we have and choose the one that suits your needs and your bathroom design.