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Mirrors are needed in every bathroom, for how do we look after we get groomed! But wait, nowadays mirrors are not present there to just reflect your image; but they can do a lot more than that. Believe it or not, now you can have a mirror that has in-built Bluetooth and speakers in it and will play your favourite music as you have a bath. So enjoy you bath and indulge in the relaxation therapy provided by the music. Nowadays mirrors are not just something that keep hanging on the wall and waiting for you to look into them, gone are the days of the simple bathroom mirror, now they have a variety of functions themselves that you can?t resist noticing and making use of daily, every time you enter that bathroom of yours.You no longer have to suffer a steamed up bathroom mirror and wipe it with a towel as many mirrors nowadays have built in heater pads to prevent them from steaming up, thus whether you have a hot bath or a cold bath , the mirror will always be steam free and reflect your jolly mood whenever you want it to . There are varieties of mirrors out there for the choosing, some with wall cabinets as we have seen in the traditional ones, some with halogen lights and LEDs. Led mirrors provide a decorative ambience to your bathroom. These mirrors are leading the way in the bathroom cabinet and mirror market and rightly so with their low carbon footprint. Bathroom mirrors are supplied by reputable suppliers and are suitable for all types of bathrooms.

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