• Aluminium Bathroom Radiators

    Controlling the temperature can help you get a very good experience and comfort in the bathroom. These aluminium radiators are exactly what you need. These aluminium radiators are provided to you by the best brands in the market. They are specially crafted keeping in mind the surroundings and the service that might be the most suitable for you. Made from the best materials in order to give you the best user experience possible, these aluminium radiators are provided from renowned manufacturers like Premier and Reina; the names speak for the quality and durability of the items. These aluminium radiators come with 5 year guarantee and are very easy to maintain and install. You will get top of the class user experience and service because these products come from the best brands around the world. We are sure that you will be satisfied with these ranges which are provided to you at unbeatable prices. The quality of this product speaks for itself and we assure you that you will not get a product better than this since we already make the best products available to you at the lowest prices possible. So the next time you are out shopping for bathroom accessories, feel free to have a look at the products showcased in our showroom and feel free to compare the prices for the same items available outsides; we are sure it won?t get cheaper than us anywhere! You can also have a look at all these products on the official website o Our Store.

  • Column Radiators

    Nothing can beat a warm bathroom in the morning in its goodness. Having a bathroom suited to our desirable temperature would be a luxury to you that you cannot compare with anything else in the morning. These column radiators are the most efficient in their class and will ensure that you get the best comfort and peace will you take your time in the bathroom. These radiators undergo a very complex and rigorous quality checking in order to deliver the best service to you because it really matters to us. We provide column radiators in all possible dimensions and quality like Arley Vital 300 x 1408 4 Column Radiator White, Arley Vital 600 x 1132 4 Column Radiator White, Phoenix Lilly Anthracite Designer Radiator L 1800 x 437mm, Reina Colona 2/C186 Double Column 1800 x 290mm Vertical Radiator, Reina Colona 4/C630 Quadruple Column 600 x 1370mm Horizontal Radiator, Phoenix DEE Designer Radiator L 600 x 580mm RA008 to name just a few. Beautifully crafted and technically engineered to give you the best of both the worlds, these column radiators have great efficiency and a very long life span. You can just install it once and forget about it for years, thanks to the hard work and engineering put into manufacturing these intelligent devices. This is how looks with quality and service gets to you at very affordable rates. We are sure that you will be very much satisfied with our ranges because they are cherry picked from the best brands and provided to you at the most affordable rates.

  • Designer Bathroom Radiators
  • Electric Radiators
  • Heated Towel Rails

    Heated towel rails have always been seen both as elements of luxury and importance in your bathroom, for they can be used to dry the wet towels before using them, but you may or may not have them in your bathroom because other methods of simply drying the towel in the sun are available. But let us tell you, heated towels are an experience to feel, and now since we are here for you, they will not be as costly as you would have thought. We have quite a few high quality heated towel rails and radiators for your browsing pleasure which you can look through. Various kinds of heated towel rails are available with us like stainless steel towel rails, modern heated rails, and in some cases, rails made up of combination of few high quality metals. They come in various functionalities and designs that you just can?t resist. These heated towel rails are also sensitive enough to save on your electricity bill. On this website, we have listed all the types of heated rails that you could possibly imagine of, broken down into manufacturers that we believe offer the best in the market in terms of design and quality. Again quality does not have to have the big price tag always, and we make sure you get the best quality in the least amount of money spent. So give it a quick browse and decide for yourself if they suit your purpose or not, which of course, we think will surely do.

  • Heating Elements
  • Miscellaneous
  • Radiator Valves

    When using the towel rails, always ensure that you do not have to compromise on quality and functioning. These elegant manual radiator valves have been manufactured for use in your towel rails while they will add a neat finishing touch to it. These are of the top most quality as they come from the best brands available. The radiator valves we provide are made from the best quality materials available in order to assure full satisfaction to you.
    We are sure that these products will enhance the looks and functioning of your bathroom on an overall scale. They will blend well into the surroundings of your bathroom and will be very much in sync with the setting. Rest assured that we always want to ensure your satisfaction and meeting of your requirements. The quality of this product speaks for itself and we assure you that you will not get a product better than this since we already make the best products available to you from the best brands around the world. These products will save on your electric bills and work efficiently years after years without causing any problem to you. So we invite you to browse through the radiator valves present with us on our website and physical showroom and take home the one you like for your bathroom. We are sure they will add a sense of style and comfort to your bathroom and make it a more luxurious place to visit.

  • Stainless Steel Radiators

    Having things organized in the bathroom is something that all of us want. When we are done with bathing, the best thing after that is to have our towel and clothes easily available to us by any means. This is possible by these stainless steel tower rails which are fully customizable and especially designed to accommodate all the towels and clothes that you may need at any time. Nothing is more important than comfort in your bathroom. You will regret not having this in your bathroom sooner. These stainless steel tower rails come with a guarantee of 5 years and are manufactured by Hudson Reed which is a top class brand known for its quality and long lasting products. You could not ask for anything better than this. We are sure that these tower rails will please you and will meet your expectations. The quality of this product speaks for itself and we assure you that you will not get a product better than this since we already make the best products available to you from the best brands around the world. You can browse through the stainless steel rails available with us in our stainless steel towel rails section of our website, or can have a look at them personally in our showroom to have a better feel of how they would look like and feel in your bathroom. Our stainless steel towel rails are priced at the minimum and are way better than any other that you can find in the market today.

  • Traditional Radiators

    Your bathroom experience should be as comfortable as it can get as it reflects a lot later in the day. A time will spent in the bathroom with yourself is bound to give you an everlasting confidence and vibrancy throughout the day. These traditional radiators are manufactured to perfection by the top most brands that ensure top quality and the best functioning in order to meet your requirements in the best way. These radiators undergo a rigorous process of quality checking before reaching to you. These are very strong, durable and appealing to your senses too at the same time, these traditional radiators are made to give you the best comfort and service that you will get addicted to and will never regret the decision of choosing to use these traditional radiators that we make available to you at very affordable rates. We have traditional radiators from Hudson Reed, Phoenix, Burlington Berkeley, Imperial, Premier, Reina Alicia, Ultra and a lot more that are masters in their fields. You are destined to get an awesome user experience if you use these products for your bathroom needs. Nevertheless, none of the items sold with us are of inferior quality and you will get all the branded traditional radiators at a very low cost; much lower than you would find anywhere else. So visit our showroom or order one from our website, and we will get it to you in no time at all so that you can start having your experience as earliest as possible.

  • White Bathroom Radiators