Right from the beginning the name Aqualisa has been known for the design and manufacturing of ground-breaking products. The unique technology developed in 1977 is still the basis for their constant development which has led to wonderful advancements in technology, water flow and temperature management. On top of this, they were one of the first in the business to launch a digital shower which kick started a revolution in shower design protocol. Their continued focus on designing showers that are easy to set up and operate ensures the user is always at the center of the practice.

Here at Our Store we have an impressive range of Aqualisa Showers. Our range of Aqualisa Showers is the most comprehensive range that you will find anywhere online and we are sure you will get what you are looking for at an unmatched price. Aqualisa prides itself on many things and customer service is without doubt one of them, while their showers are extremely durable, just like everything in life there may be a small problem along the way.

Whether during the installation or ten years down the line, Aqualisa provides a fantastic service line in order for customers to get in contact and get answers to all of their questions and queries. This type of service is just one of the things that set Aqualisa apart from other manufacturers; buying with confidence is key to any large purchase and the folks at Aqualisa have made this a no-brainer!




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    Our Stores ensures an array of quality products that are inexpensive whilst they serve their purpose and durability is not withstanding compromised. There are a number of items that can be added to a standard shower which can turn it into a mini spa in your own home. Many of these items will provide that little extra touch all at a modest cost with our discounted pricing structure. Why not choose a body jet to the shower which ensure that soothes all those aching muscles and with any number of these fitted to the shower you really will turn an ordinary shower into your own special spa while saving on outside spa expenses. All of the body jets can be fully adjustable for each member of the family and provide multi-angle deep cleaning bathing.
    We feature seven body jets at our online shop all sourced from the top manufacturers, precision engineered with a high quality finish and many have easy clean nozzles for that soothing water jet. For the over bath shower we illustrate a number of shower curtain rails which will enhance any bathroom and keep the floor of the bathroom dry. These rails are finished in high chrome or antique gold and we offer straight, curved or an elegant ?U? shape, perfect for your pretty curtain. For the elderly or disabled person, how about one of the fifteen shower seats that can be seen. You can choose a simple stool, shower bench or chair or you could fit an adjustable folding seat to the shower wall or wet room, perfect for a comfortable sit or even to wash your feet. Pay us a visit for more amazing products.

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    Bristan showers lead by example when it comes to the exotic and elegant ranges and taps. Their unique design and high quality make them stand out in the competitive market. Our website believes in providing excellent service to the end users by giving them a comprehensive range of bathroom related products like showers and taps from reputed firms to facilitate a wider choice. Therefore, Bristan showers have displayed their products in our website.
    Besides offering mixer showers and power showers, they also deal with shower valves that are available in many models. Bristan 1901 Concealed 3 Control Shower Valve Chrome NSHC3STPPC and Bristan 1901 Concealed Dual Control Shower Valve Chrome NTSHCVOC are some of the shower valves made by Bristan Showers. They thus render an unforgettable showering experience for the customers.
    Bristan 1901 Concealed 3 Control Shower Valve Chrome NSHC3STPPC comprises of concealed 3 control shower valve and is chrome plated. Their design can be seen from our website mentioned above. Bristan 1901 Concealed Dual Control Shower Valve Chrome NTSHCVOC is another range of shower valve manufactured by Bristan showers which has been endowed with 1901 concealed dual control shower valve and chrome finish to give more durability to the product. Their exclusive style and design is sure to create an everlasting impression in the minds of the prospective customers. Bristan showers is one such name that speaks of elegance, design and quality at best competitive rates. Their products are promising.

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