• Bath Screens

    When you want to integrate the function of your shower bath together seamlessly with Aqualux shower screen then choose from aquarious, euro or pura collection to fit the look and shape of your bath for easy access, lasting shine and a water type finish. Aqualux bath screens are available in a variety of designs to complement and enhance your bathroom space, some even feature useful towel rails on the outside of the screen to ensure your towel is easy to reach after a bath or shower. The Aqualux range of bath screen is wide and extremely varied. As a sleek and stylish alternative to shower curtain, these bath screens range from single panel screens up to seven panelled folding screens. From classically stylish to modern and contemporary, these range of shower screens of the baths is impressive.
    Here at Our Stores we provide Aqualux range of bath screens that will suit your requirements whatever the size or shape of your bath or bathroom. Folding Bath screens work perfectly in compact or small bathrooms, allowing you to fold up the bath screen back to the wall when not in use. The Aqualux 4 part folding screen is created to stand the test of time; the hinges are reinforced to enable its lasting for at least the next ten years. The folding bath screen also allows easy access to the bath either when getting in or when cleaning. It can also prove useful if you have taps at the shower end of the tab, simply fold the screen and you will get easy access to your taps, with a fixed bath screen it?s quite a reach.

  • Bathroom Accessories

    In most cases when it comes to the interior decoration, the bathroom can often be forgotten, however majority of people spend at least an hour a day in the bathroom and it is one of the main rooms that guest seem to see when they come visiting. This is the reason that Our Store felt the reason to make your bathroom feel as chic as the rest of your house. With our quality range of shabby chic and vintage bathroom accessories, you can add some much needed elegance, warmth and personality to your bathroom. These sleek new accessories can really add colour and style to your current look of your rather not-appealing look of your bathroom thereby reviving the class you want to be associated with.
    In our possession is a wide range of bathroom accessories from soap dishes, chic shelves, bathroom signs, and decorative bottles and not to forget the stylish hooks. With our top notch range nothing can go wrong in your bathroom in terms of practicality and class. We have a long tradition of producing high quality products for your bathroom, our products are superior and we are a full range supplier of bathroom furnishings including fittings, accessories, classy mirror cabinets, and bathroom furniture and wash basins. Choose our products and guarantee yourself of high quality bathroom accessories and in addition our prices are touted as the most affordable in the market.

  • Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

    Corner entry shower enclosures should fit right into the corner of the bathroom to help you make the best use of the available space and they come in a wide choice of styles and sizes to ensure that you achieve the best fit for your bathroom. We have a discovery of various brands of Aqualux corner showers enclosures here at Our Store and so you are assured of the highest quality. Our range of Aqualux corner entry shower enclosures feature modern, stylish designs that will update the look and feel of any bathroom or en-suite. Corner shower doors with sliding doors allow for easy access in and out of the shower and help to save more space too. For you to complete your new corner entry shower enclosure we have a superb range of high quality shower trays in a wide choice of sizes for a sleeker look. Our range of showers varies from different sizes, shape and color. We have Simpson edge corner entry shower enclosure, Premier Ella corner entry shower enclosure and so many to choose from. Silver corner entry shower enclosure has a polished silver effect frame to that enhances its visual appeal; the enclosure is built of premium material which makes it immensely strong without increasing the weight of the frame. This product enjoys nothing short of a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Visit us on our shop for more amazing and exclusive corner entry shower enclosures.

  • Shower Trays

    Aqualux showers tray are made to specifically complement Aqualux shower enclosure and are available in a variety of ranges at Our Store. In our collections we have the Max (Easy plumb) a range of trays supplied with 120mmhigh panel and adjustable feet allowing easy access to the waste fitting for easier installation. This range of trays is manufactured from composite resin with a fully encapsulated base board for extra strength.

  • Side Panels

    Aqualux side panel is best used by combining shower side panels with different shower door styles, offering a myriad of options to suit any space. Shower side panels come in different sizes. The side panels are frameless and give the impression of being in a wet room. The enclosure features an easy glide door system. It has two distinctive drying areas with bamboo footboards, either side of the shower tray. It has 20mm adjustability and can be adapted to be recess if required. A two meter extension rail is also available for adapting the enclosure to fit larger recess spaces.
    The Aqualux AQUA 3 pivot shower door and slide panel measuring 760mm wide, white frame, stripe glass as a model from the AQUA 3 range of shower doors and enclosures from the technological pioneers showering brand Aqualux. This collection is not just simply the best brand but it is also the best sellers. With toughened safety glass, the fresh and mostly appealing design makes it suitable for almost any bathroom, giving the illusion of greater space thanks to the white finish. Besides the pivot door mechanism is best suited for larger bathrooms as the door swings out, culminating in a large entry area and a more comfortable shower appeal. The product is additionally supplied with a life time guarantee for complete peace of mind for the customer, besides the unique quality it is also the best value for money shower enclosure on the market.

  • Steam Cabins

    For the ultimate bathroom pampering experience why not invest in an Aqualux steam cabin? Our Store provides an array of Aqualux steam cabins that will automatically enhance your comfort zone and create an ambience while you relax in the steam cabin. A session in the in a steam cabin is both a pleasure for its own sake and has the added benefit of hydrotherapy and a massage effect from the multiple jets. Using a steam cabin can turn out to be beneficial for your health and can aid in weight loss by burning up to 300 calories per session. Steam can help relieve respiratory problems, improve circulation and even detoxify the skin. The health benefits are superb and mind blowing, all you have to do is order one for yourself and the most imperative thing is that these steam baths will definitely fit in your bathroom as the space they consume is pretty small.
    Aqualux designed these amazing creature with you in mind, not only is it comfortable but also adds a multitude of health benefits to you. Aqualux has two ranges of steam cabins, that is, Crysta and Florenta. The latter range has a round version and a square option to choose from while Florenta comprises two quadrant steam cabins which is a standard and an offset quadrant. They look amazingly beautiful and will automatically add class to your bathroom d?or.

  • Walk In Shower Enclosures
  • Wet Room Screens

    Glass shower wet room screens provides a sleek, minimal look to the bathroom and is ideal for protecting everything from getting covered in water in a wet room environment. Glass showers have the advantage of being fitted directly to the floor or installed in a low level tray and are available in a wide range of sizes to fit every size of bathrooms. Here at Our Store you will discover wet room glass shower screens from the top brand Aqualux, so you can be sure of high quality and long lasting durability for many years to come. A great way of enhancing a feeling of space as well as creating a very sleek contemporary look is by installing a wet room glass screen or panel.
    We also boast of another range of shower wet room kits including wet room gully, waste cover, and shower decks in a choice of sizes as well as a tanking kit, which you can create your own wet room style bathroom. The shine collection is a cost effective and stylish range of wet rooms that come complete with Aqua gleam easy clean coating, allowing your glass to stay free from lime scale and soap scum. It is suitable to install directly to the wet floor or on top of a shower tray, these wet room panels include a classy minimalist stabilizing bar and unbeatable life time guarantee.