Bauhaus Bathrooms

Here at Our Store we have an impressive range of Bauhaus Bathroom Furniture. Our Bauhaus Bathroom Furniture range is the most comprehensive range that you will find anywhere online and we are sure you will what you are looking for at an unbeatable price. Choose exceptional style and explore unique designs created using the finest materials and superior construction techniques. Discover Bauhaus furnishings designed to suit all bathroom environments.

When you choose our furniture you create a luxury bathroom that easy to use. These bathrooms have a passion for providing lavishness, high eminence bathroom furniture for contemporary lifestyles. This modern-day collection includes bathroom furniture, basins and complementary earthenware making it ideal for fashionable style bathrooms. Complete with a fifteen year guarantee, the class craftsmanship and correct manufacturing present in all Bauhaus products implies that you can be assured of lasting performance and great style.

Our company manufactures a range of sanitary ware, basin and bathroom fittings. Featured are basins, cloakroom basins, countertops, WC pans. If you desire to design a bathroom that demonstrates timeless grace, together with style, it is simple with Bauhaus. With an display of sculptured and carefully crafted basins, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, Bauhaus provides a broad range of products to ensure your bathroom exudes appeal and glamour. Our product is dedicated and has a passion for providing luxurious and high quality designs for contemporary lifestyles.




  • Basins

    Bauhaus collection of basins is one of the elegant one has been able to see, from contemporary, easy lines to the more luxurious ones yet to be seen. Advanced designs coupled with the best quality ceramic material has ultimately given birth to this awesome mix of basins in splendid shapes, forms and sizes. Bauhaus offers a stunning choice ranging from wall mounted basins, counter-top basins, inset and many more. This basins look characteristically charming and instantly upgrades the dull boring look of the current basins. This basins designed from an engineered masterpiece gives your bathroom a fabulous enthusiastic look. They are ideal for both large and tiny bathrooms and blend with majority of home decors.
    At Our Store, we have a sheer variety of Bauhaus basins that have a unique tailor made intricate finish unrivalled only by the quality of every item. The products come through a long way of pioneered techniques in designing, Bauhaus basins are a perfect representation of the brands reputation. We pride in providing an eclectic inspired mix of shapes from organic, square, to Ivorian architectural designs. To top that up, all the basins are durable and have a life time warranty giving the customers another chance for a smile. Additionally they are light in weight and fit in most interiors irrespective of the design. Look no further as this is the right place offering the right product at the right time for the right client.

  • Bidets

    Engineered, designed and manufactured in Civita Castellana ? the heart of the world famous Italian bathroom ceramic production, each bidet has been created for the UK bathroom from understated simplicity to pioneering design statements, these beautifully crafted bidets represent nothing but a complete sense of individual design. With a huge range of styles including back to wall concepts and more contemporary designs, bidets are the ultimately convenient and are fast becoming a more common item in the modern suite. At Our Store we have a huge array of bidets in traditional, contemporary and unique modern designs from some of the world?s leading brands and we have in stock a minimum threshold of a few hundred bidets in stock at any time for your urgent orders.
    Offering to complement your suite with a carefully chosen bidet installation has proven to be a fantastic way to add functionality and style; great for household bathrooms. Irrespective of your bathroom suite, our comprehensive collection of bidets covers all bases, including unique designs which ooze classical artistry wit elegant details and easy to use designs. Moreover, classy traditional chic is achieved with the following bidets but not limited to Belmonte, Dorchester, Rhyland and Granley bidets. Our bidets are going to enhance the outlook of your bathroom, our collection of modern bidets range from the stunningly curvaceous, the truly unique and angular and wall hung vogue designed with comfort and convenience as the only purpose in mind.

  • Cabinets

    Here in our store we offer unique and pocket friendly Bauhaus cabinets, these products have proven over time to be both reliable and long lasting without compromising the quality offered. Our previous customers have accredited us for providing them with products that meet their needs as well as ensuring they are both available and up to date with the latest technology there is.
    Cabinets are a great place to store all the bits and bobs you use in your bathroom on a daily basis. We are able to supply quality cabinets that will not fall apart after a couple of years in the bathroom environment. These can be simple mirrored cabinets or incorporate shaver socket, lights and even the misting pads to keep them steam free. We strive to ensure quality at all cost without compromising the quality of the products we offer, our customer feedback has been great due to our affordable products which have a great span of life and require less maintenance.
    Advantages of our delivery services are immense. You can check goods easily as they are not all strapped to an unwieldy pallet. The drivers will help to carry goods in for you if you are alone or unable. Large and bulky goods are not shipped on pallets so you can go about your daily activities without worrying if the bathroom goods will turn up while you have popped to the mall.

  • Console Units

    Worktops units are ideal to give your bathroom the anticipated new look and make efficient use of space. With this strong and durable console basin unit particularly in ebony finish, one can add a touch of modern style. These products are manufactured by none other than the creative geniuses at Bauhaus, this ebony worktop unit promises to offer a contemporary look that portrays confidence and class and definitely impresses as well as appeals to their users. It is also important to note that this ebony unit features a single drawer console unit and is suitable for centre basin only. The range is wide depending on which one you prefer apart from the one described above.
    The materials used to make this console units are magnificent in appearance and put a classy appeal to the already modern look like the Bauhaus Linea Spanish Oak single drawer basin unit which finely finished with a woody oak finish while others are made of steel giving them the durability our customers require. They are sensationally created with our customers in mind and last a life time. Bauhaus edge console wall mounted bathroom worktop features an innovative and unique design that offers useful worktop space and spacious drawer. Contact us now at Our Store online store for your console unit requirements and we will surely give you what you have been waiting for, that is, quality, creativity in all aspects and above all durability.

  • Furniture Cabinets

    At Our Store online store we have Bauhaus furniture cabinets which offer a great place to store all the bits and bobs you use in your bathroom or your kitchen on a daily basis. We are able to supply quality cabinets that will not fall apart after a couple of years. These can be simple mirrored cabinets or incorporate shaver sockets, lights and even the misting parts to keep them steam free or the kitchen tops too. These products we offer are very high quality and need no maintenance at all after the installation. We have had a very positive feedback from our past clients who have bought our products.
    We have a wide range of Bauhaus furniture cabinets for your convenience that you can browse on our website and also on our physical showroom. So while you buy these products from us, stay assured that we always sell the best quality items and tend to keep the customers? convenience and satisfaction on top of our priority list. Our team of hardworking and dedicated workers ensures the best quality of cabinets is maintained as well as using the best technology in the market. The dynamic range includes Bauhaus work stool, a beautiful exotic red lacquer George I style, Edwardian oak smokers surprise cabinet, French mahogany side cabinet, elegant Victorian pier cabinet, AngloIndian side cabinet, early 20th century black lacquered display cabinet, regency side cabinet even a china trade cabinet on stand.

  • Mirrors

    Bauhaus illuminated mirrors will enhance your bathroom?s design as it features LED lighting that creates fabulously low energy consumption. You will have a variety of models to choose from as they feature a host of details such as shaver sockets, ambient under lighting and even speakers. At Our Stores we have mirrors of all shapes and sizes giving you the perfect mirror for any location in your home, from bathroom mirrors that are truly unique and of custom made designs just the way you would love it. Reflect your style and enhance your bathrooms design with a Bauhaus illuminated mirror or wall hung cabinets that is not only functional but also stylish. The Bauhaus illuminated mirrors have been specially designed to complement the Bauhaus bathroom furniture range so that you can be sure of a fully coordinate look across your bathroom. Our Bauhaus mirrors come with many features including: heated demister pads which make a steamy mirror a thing of the past. These pads heat the mirror to a few degrees above the room temperature within 2-3 minutes preventing the mirror from misting even in the mistiest place. The other amazing feature is the no touch infrared on/off switch situated on the side of the mirror thus removing fingerprints from the mirror surface or pull switch. We also provide superb function with fabulous decorative styles as our entire mirrors feature the latest high luminosity low energy consuming LED lighting. Visit our shop for more amazing Bauhaus mirrors at affordable prices.

  • Other

    Our Store is not only a place that offers an exemplary range of bathroom products but an exquisite, glamour designed and engineered products that will get you off the hook from unreliability from other products and designs that were not tailor made to suit your needs. We are number one proprietors in the bathroom industry with new products covering all bathroom categories ? including mirrors, vanities, toilets, bidets and all other Bauhaus miscellaneous bathroom accessories. Bauhaus products are based on the unique standards along with multi lifestyle presentation and are committed to original designs providing high quality, and a vast range of affordable products which satisfy the high grade market needs and strongly supported with aftermarket service and a warranty that covers almost a decade.

  • Radiator Valves & Elements

    When confronted with the choice of which valve to use when connecting to a Bauhaus tower rail, choose no other than a straight valve if the pipes are through the floor below or angled valves where the central heating pipes are being fed through the wall behind the ladder rail. The best part in making the Bauhaus elements the ultimate choice is that they are supplied with a dual fuel T piece adaptor. For a superb minimalist finish choose the Bauhaus corner radiator valve. The radiator range includes thermostatic, straight and angled, with a range of styles available from modern to traditional.
    At Our Store, ensure that customers get the top range quality associated with Bauhaus radiator valves and elements. For a classy appeal choose the electric element and chromium plated T-piece for element and radiator valve connection. Dual energy towel drying radiators continue to offer the warmth and comfort throughout the home during summer months when the central heating systems is not in use and de-activate the immersion heater open in the flow valve. Bauhaus radiator valves and elements have been designed to very easy to install. The product comes with an installation guide. We ensure the valves fit within the elements without any hustle and the performance is just optimum since we all know that Bauhaus products record the lowest returns in terms of product malfunction. Come and shop with us today.

  • Radiators

    Our Store does not disappoint either when it comes to this stunning collection of heated towel rails by Bauhaus which have a practical purpose and a sleek designer finish. Choose from a high quality selection of angular lines, curves, bars and flat panels to complement your bathroom. These radiators are designed to co-ordinate with the Bauhaus furniture ranges these high quality heated towel rails and designer radiators provide the perfect way to add contemporary style to your bathroom space. What better way to complement your new Bauhaus bathroom than with a matching tower rail?
    As with all Bauhaus bathroom products, these heated tower rails are elegant in design and quality. If you seem unsure of the size of the radiator to buy, take a closer look at our own radiator size calculator which is the smallest in our radiator range. We offer a staggering choice of top quality heated tower rails at discounted prices. Heated tower rails add style and warmth. Enjoy the comfort of using a warm towel after a shower from the top manufacturer of heated tower rails in both classical and contemporary styles. Buy only the best from the best which is Bauhaus heaters and radiators, has the information and product reviews to help you find the best deal there is. These radiators come with a life time warranty which guarantees a sense of relief on the part of the customer.

  • Toilets

    Bauhaus toilets and bidets have a spectacular range of features and offer a selection of beautifully shaped and luxurious options including back to wall, wall hung and close coupled designs. These products have been manufactured with the top most quality materials that possess the ability to withstand day to day demands of the bathroom. With this intricately designed toilets from Bauhaus, your bathroom can no longer afford a casual look. The design is unique and offers a long lasting user ability unmatched nowhere else. The range is varied depending on the pocket as well as the design that can comfortably match with that bathroom interior.
    Our Store strives to ensure customers are always left appeased by the superior Bauhaus toilets offered. The range is enormous and ranges from KOHLER English Trellis design toilet which displays the soft edges and sculpted lines of French provincial furniture to the KOHLER Tresham?comfort height elongated bowl which displays simplicity of Shaker-style furniture which was inspired by the edgy, neo-traditional design of the Tresham collection. The colours are also on a wide range to choose from; white, grey, black, pale white, pearl white, dark grey etc. The shapes are not spared either and come in different shapes and sizes. Durability has never been compromised with this wide range of beautifully crafted toilets and are insulated by a life-long warranty that guarantees the customers a peace of mind.

  • Units With Worktops

    We have in stock an impressive and varied choice of top quality kitchen cabinet finishes. You might also fancy a stunning opaque finish or a rather lovely, clear, natural look. In either choice we have anything and everything that you might like to add to your kitchen. Our worktops are made of wood obviously for simple reasons and come in different finishing?s and shapes. We have worktops in manns coloured finish, fiddes hard wax oil tints, manns oak wood stain among others. If you are also in need to renovate your cabinets in your kitchen then we can be of help in offering handy tips on what surface to choose from.
    Welcome to Our Store online store, the home of innovative kitchen designs. We are dedicated to bringing our valued customers quality kitchen units with worktops to add a little luxury to your home. The range we have is stunningly magnificent, whatever your individual style we will get you covered and we will guarantee you will find fittings to enhance your home. Whether you desire a kitchen work top that is made with a modern living in mind or prefer a more traditional design our handmade kitchen worktops are guaranteed to please. Browse our coveted collections online at your leisure. Our talented personnel have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to kitchens worktops and will be more than pleased to discuss your d?or needs.

  • Vanity Units

    Our Stores has the right choice for you when it comes to choosing the right vanity unit, Bauhaus has proven to be the ideal source of providing the most modern style bathroom vanities. The size of your bathroom is not a problem as we provide bathroom vanities that suite individual bathrooms. The bathroom vanities come for the modern style come in different and materials that one can possibly choose from ranging from woods, modern density fibreboard, glass vanity, or plywood vanity, all these materials have different effect for your bathroom but all promise to leave a classy appeal. The difference in choosing the different materials is the price that is associated with them which also defines the durability.
    Among the most trending is the Zen theme bathroom vanity which proves to fit for those who are seeking for a relaxed traditional look, the touch of the materials and technology used to make the material are the most modern and superior. Bauhaus is simply the place to shop for your vanity unit, it puts the design of modern style simple and elegant for the bathroom sanity. The durability is not compromised at all irrespective of which vanity product you choose as there is a lifelong warranty which guarantees the customers a deep sense of relief that the products on offer are quality and meet standards as described.

  • Wastes

    Choosing the right sanitary ware for your bathroom can help keep it hygienic as well as fresh, and with a superior brand name such as Bauhaus you can totally find a whole range of wastes and even traps which go a long way in complementing that look. With modern and stylish elegance this option promises to make any bathroom design a total success. Even though not a large component within the space , the waste chosen are integral to the overall design and function of a finished bathroom, leaving it simple to clean and operate. It is magnificently designed to fit within the standard hole located on a basin, Bauhaus waste act as the passage way to remove any waste water from the basin.
    Here at Our Store we ensure we provide our customers with a versatile range of Bauhaus wastes products that are ideal for your bathroom needs and which are meant to last a life time so customers can confidently buy without worry of a leakage or rusting occurring on the wastes products. There is a wide range to choose from depending on the customer?s choice. Delivery of the products from our company is not a hustle, contact us using the link and we will get right to you with all the information that you need to know about the range of Bauhaus waste and traps and their rapid delivery.

  • Wc Units

    Bauhaus WC unit comes in a variety of ranges which will help you to enhance a feeling of space through the functional features that can convert the smallest of the bathrooms into a luxurious retreat. The WC units are available in a range of colours to coordinate beautifully with all the Bauhaus furniture range to ensure your bathroom exudes appeal and glamour. At Our Stores we present a wonderful range of WC units. Our collections vary from the standard with back to wall WC units with toilets attached to the more comprehensive WC unit and basin combined. There is something here to accommodate all the bathroom needs. Our range of WC units houses units in a variety of styles and finishes to complement all your styles taste.
    Whichever unit you decide to choose we guarantee designer quality and top notch finish. Our products carry a 15 year guarantee. Bauhaus bathrooms are very dedicated and passionate in providing luxurious and high quality designs for contemporary lifestyles. The contemporary collections from basins and bathroom furniture to complementary sanitary ware is ideal for high design bathrooms. Our WC units are among the best as we find value with your money, from the simple yet elegant WC units. The WC units has the following exquisite features that will surely stand the test of time; slim line floor standing, uncut from panel, removable top and adjustable feet.