We produce premium products for high quality bathrooms and washroom which are based on natural raw resources. The foundation for this is a titanium finished steel formed. Bette bathroom products increase the value of project and preserve it all the time that the product is being used because Bette is particularly durable, harder than marble, plastic than iron; it retains its visual and hygienic qualities throughout the entire product life time.

Here at Our Stores we have an impressive range of Bette Steel Baths. Our Bette Steel Baths range is the most comprehensive that you will find anywhere online and we are sure you will find what you are looking for an unbeatable price. Bette bathroom objects-elegant steel baths, shower trays and wash basins, created for conscious and discerning interior designs. Our company produces high quality bathrooms and wash rooms are based natural raw materials. This is refined with the unique BETTEGELAZE enamel finish, which is made from glass, water, quartz, borax and soda.

The result is value that you can see feel and experience. The product finish has exceptional hygienic advantages: dirt and germs cannot gain adherence to the hard as glass, smooth surfaces which can be cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth. Having value Bette bathroom products increase the value of projects and preserve it all the time that product is being used. The first class quality and durability of the bathrooms objects are therefore supported by extensive research and master plan in order to produce a high quality product that meets the demand of customers at a pocket friendly price.




  • Comfort Baths

    Bette comfort baths combine antique and contemporary, minimalist and embellished looks that creates sophisticated warm and welcoming bathroom. The Bette comfort baths corner installation is made with straight lines on the outside, curves on the inside. The soft shape of the inside ideally supports you in the bath and provides comfort even with small sized baths. At Our Store we also offer Bette steel baths that are not only stylish but also enriched with high quality steel material, that last long. We have extremely strong and durable baths from with stunning white finish, that last longer. Our comfort baths are strongly constructed and guarantees 30 years. The baths provide a comfortable fun filled bathing experience and a rich luxurious feeling. The durable baths freshens up your bathroom with its alluring look, and you can avail it an unbeatable price. Whether you are looking for a bath to compliment your new bathroom suite or simply or simply replace an existing one, we are sure to have one that suits your needs. Our extensive range of baths from all the major bathroom brands have been grouped by styles including corner baths, as well as bath types including cast iron baths, acrylic or steel baths. Some baths are also available in different finishes. Our prices are one of the very best in town as we offer nothing but the best Bette comfort baths products.

  • Corner Baths

    Bette corner baths can suit a variety of purposes such as saving space in smaller or more awkwardly shaped suites, as well as providing a premium bathing experience in larger installations. They complement your bathroom suite with a corner bath which has a sleek design will fortify your bathroom taste and classy elegance. With a huge collection of shape and size options on offer including traditional, contemporary and modern classic deigns, each with their own individual styling and fitting bath panels. With a huge collection of shapes and sizes options on offer including but not limited to space saving 1200 corner baths and large 1500 corner baths, Our Store offers a wide range of quality corner baths incorporating a wealth of designs from leading brands. The range is versatile and the choice left for you is enormous depending on your choice as well as the interior design of your bathroom. The most demanded Bette corner baths include Laguna plus 1200 corner bath and front panel, Laguna Plus 1450 Corner bath and front panel, Clia left hand offset corner bath panels and screens, Clia left hand offset corner bath and bath panels, Clia offset corner right hand bath and bath panel. These hand crafted designs of the Bette corner baths are among the most purchased from our online store and which have unbelievable designs like a heart shape or an oval shaped corner bath creation.

  • Free-Standing Baths

    Bathing is not simply about just cleaning the body but it is about the experience that comes in those thirty minutes you use meticulously in the bathroom by yourself. The special aesthetic of the free standing baths creates new paths in modern bathroom architecture, and puts the centrepiece of the bath in the bathroom. These Bette free standing baths combine the discerning design with the highest quality material as well as a refined masterpiece of creativity. These free standing Bette baths come in a one smooth, elegant finish for the ultimate in bathroom luxury. The free standing steel/enamel bath is constructed from two pieces in the sandwich method. A thin welded seam, created by skilled hands in the special workshop.
    These baths come in different varieties, sizes and finishes only for your choice. The creativity is unrivalled and every piece has been created within the demands and tastes of our individual customers. We offer an unbeatable price that guarantees you extra money to shop for more in our Our Store online store that is stocked to the brim with Bette free standing unique baths. The variety is enormous and you are always welcome to pay us a visit and put your order straight away. What?s even more is that we also offer delivery services within a certain perimeter which you might be lucky to be on. So make an online booking and we will surely get back to you immediately.

  • Hexagonal Baths

    We have a cool and modern hexagonal baths from Bette and lends style to large bathrooms. The simple and cheerful hexagonal bath from Bette is a good choice for contemporary bathrooms. At Our Stores Bette hexagonal baths are available in various sizes, as the baths are unique because of their 6-cornered look and can add a completely new and amazing outlook perspective to a bathroom. The unique shape makes it a fascinating focal point in your bathroom and is sure to impress you. The baths are designed with the aim of offering a product to suit peculiar themed bathrooms, Bette hexagonal baths is new and a comprehensive bath. The baths offer the user?s maximum bathing space even in small bathrooms as it can be fitted in any corner of the bathroom. It is a spacious bath built for comfort and totally indulgent bathing. It can comfortably accommodate two bathers together and also perfect for larger persons to completely soak in and just relax. Bette has created a beautiful and comprehensive collection that offers choice, practical solutions and affordable luxury to everyone. We have a variety of Bette hexagonal bathrooms such as the CHIC super steel bath, it?s uniquely shaped with its stunning white finish and generous proportions which is the perfect fit for today?s modern bathroom. This premium bath is backed by the manufacturers 30 year guarantee, and is sure to bring many years of bathing pleasure. Our baths will always leave a lasting impression.

  • Mini Bath

    Bette is very innovative when it comes to ideas and quality brilliance in making baths of different shapes. Bette mini baths are a unique concept in the bathing business as we have many baths style to choose from and sure to satisfy your bathroom design. Sometimes space may be insufficient for a full sized baths, our Bette mini baths from Our Stores serves the same purpose as the full bath. They are designed to be a complete solution for every small bathroom. Our Bette mini baths are very affordable and look dainty and nice in any modern bathroom. They are a perfect choice for dedicated child bathrooms. Bette mini baths are small and compact but pack a punch with many features.
    They are ideal for compact bathrooms as they are available in different configurations and shapes. They are made from hard wearing still and they are certain to last long and serve you well. Majority of our mini baths are embodied with smooth contours that extend comfort. The Bette mini baths are designed for small baths and medium baths. Made with superior titanium steel, it conducts heat effectively to provide a relaxing bathing session. Its color is non fading and resistant to cleaning fluids and scouring agents and comes with a 30 year guarantee from Bette against faulty materials or fabrication. Our prices are among the best and very affordable in town as our products give value to your money.

  • Octagonal Baths

    Octagonal baths are huge baths made in the in the shape of an octagon; an octagon is a polygon or structure made up of eight sides just as the name suggests. These baths are undoubtedly unique because of their sheer shape and at the same time will give you the merits of a sturdy steel enamel bath. Although steel is difficult to mould into a variety of shapes, Bette has gone that extra mile in creating something unique and bears all the features a quality product ought to have. Most other features of the eight sided creative masterpiece are representative of steel baths being made of strong steel enamel.
    By installing this nicely if not perfectly created hexagonal bath from Bette, you will make your bathroom a palace of your own. Effective baths have the power to transform your bathroom, defining and improving perception of space. These baths achieve this and a lot more when installed in your space. The steel enamel is resistant to most household chemicals and detergents and thus retains its glossy look for long. The bath can optionally be fitted with Bette spring tap, which is a proven and tested technology that allows water to fill from the bottom, quickly, quietly and easily without any problem. Purchase one of our Bette octagonal baths and enjoy the benefits associated with our baths which are of superior quality rivalled nowhere.

  • Oval Baths

    Bette presents a whole new oval shape Bette baths that is innovative, luxurious and durable. Bette baths have an alluring design and exquisite functionality that creates a stunning look in the bathroom. The smooth lines and soft curves of this oval shaped tub makes for a welcoming interior that beckons you to step in. the baths are constructed from a variety of durable materials like steel, these baths are of high quality and very inviting. When you bring home a Bette oval bath you bring home a luxurious and relaxing bathing. All this amazing offers are found here at Our Stores.
    When it comes to looking for a bath to match your taste and interiors you definitely must consider a Bette bath. We create for you the style you wish for your bathroom with Bette?s extensive collections of oval Bath designs. Our bathrooms are ideal for modern bathrooms as baths from Bette are made of steel and are strong and durable. With a dazzling array of alluring designs and the ability to customize your d?or, there?s no limiting your imagination. Unwind a Bette steel oval bath for that perfect end to a stressful day. Quality workmanship matched with elegant design culminates into a luxury bath that is highly popular among discerning home owners. Why not add a sense of style and class to your bathroom today with delightful piece and enjoy luxury baths for years to come.

  • Rectangular Baths

    All sizes of rectangular baths range in size from the superbly meticulously deep and luxurious Linea bath at 1900mm long by 900mm wide, right down to our smallest bath at 1200mm*700mm. Bette baths are the matured latest additions to 21st century bathrooms. At Our Store, we offer a wide range of Bette bathrooms like Pegasus Whirlpools which can be fitted to nay bath to suit every bath. The whirlpools variety is enormous and are commonly listed in terms of popular micro jets, however other options are available so if you can find what you are looking for please contact us immediately.
    We have Carron Linea Whirlpool Bath, Carron Sigma Whirlpool Bath, Carron Haiku Whirlpool Bath, Carron Mistral Whirlpool Bath, Carron Roma Whirlpool Bath, Carron Alpha Whirlpool Bath, Carron Biarritz Whirlpool Bath, Carron Torino Whirlpool Bath, Carron Classic Whirlpool Bath just to name a few. These exclusive baths from Bette baths come with decade?s long warranty which is unmatched nowhere else in that range of baths. They are scratch resistant since the materials used to make them is not only natural which makes them 100% recyclable but also naturally strong making sure the service delivery is just out of this world. Contact us immediately to place your order and we will get back to you in order to arrange for delivery services.

  • Shower Baths

    Bette baths guarantee you an exemplary style to your bathroom and here we showcase a full range of Bette shower baths which will definitely not disappoint you. Shower baths are becoming increasingly popular as people prefer quick showers on most days than long leisurely baths. Bette baths allow you to have the luxury of both the shower and a bath. Bette Cora shower baths are made up of steel and feature a shower screen. They ultimately make your showering experience an experience worth repeating over and over again. Are you in a hurry? Step into this shower bath for a quick shower on the go. Shower baths from the Bette come in a choice of sizes and are ideal for most bathrooms as well as cloakrooms.
    These bathrooms are backed by a surprisingly 3 decades of guarantee and will prove their functionality, elegance and stylish elegance in your bathroom. They will prove to be extremely economical on price, you can choose a Bette shower bath if you wish to refurbish in a limited budget. Cleaning, maintaining and ultimately installing a Bette shower bath is also hustle free and quick. With a guaranteed 30 years of service delivery in your bathroom this Bette bath will surely be the product to set your eyes on if you are looking for something unique and quality by all means.

  • Special Baths

    A warm bath is one of the most relaxing, pleasurably experiences that the day can offer. Unfortunately, for many seniors and others with limited mobility, the simple act of bathing faces some hurdles like fear of falling. Bette special bathrooms are safe and can be used properly by the elderly. A walk in bath tub is one of the best Bette special baths that they have invested in to ensure a healthy independence at home. However while safety is the ultimate purpose, walk in bath tubs from Bette offer much more luxurious addition and a beautiful appeal. The Bette walk in bath tub also offers healing hydro therapy using therapeutic air and water jets. The hydrotherapy improves blood circulation, decreases joint pain and naturally speeds the healing process of the body.
    The Bette walk in bath tub provides everything that a traditional bath tub once did and more. With styles that vary from traditional looking tubs with an accessible door, to upright models of various sizes, the walk in bath tubs offers style and safety. Options include built in whirlpool jets located where they will massage sore backs. Legs, arms and other areas where pain relief is needed most. The Bette walk in bath tub from Our Store becomes a place to relax and unwind. The Bette walk in bath tub has revolutionized the bath tub industry. Enjoy the pleasure of taking a bath with our Bette products. Be safe, relax and enjoy.