Britton Bathrooms

Here at Our Store we have created everything you need to build the contemporary bathroom interior you have always dreamt of. With a huge range of ceramic ware, bathroom furniture, beautiful bath tabs, shower trays and brass ware, Britton delivers the latest technical innovation that blends style, quality and function. So whether you have a compact space or want to make a style statement with your family bathroom, explore the dynamic Britton Bathroom range at our website.

We have provided creative and stylish bathroom solution which has secured it at the forefront at the forefront of the bathroom industry since 1988. From awe-inspiring contemporary chic to minimalist elegance, our product ensures the right solution for the modern bathroom with both form and function built into every product with the best engineering and performance. Our company offers a stylish collection of ceramic stylish basins, sanitary ware and a versatile range of bathroom furniture to enhance any bathroom. Our brand also offers an extensive range of brass ware carefully selected by foremost European designers, combining exclusive styles with unparalleled design and high quality supplies.

An advantage over some products is that ceramic pieces can be interchanged and all toilet seats can be interchangeable, with the exception of the cube range which has square seats. The full range of these exciting products includes a selection of Pedestal Basin, Back to Wall toilets and Bidets, Wall hung or floor standing options are also available.




  • Basins

    Britton Bathrooms? reputation as one of the leading makers of basins is unquestionable. They have a flair for manufacturing exquisite and unique varieties of basins and bathroom related products and accessories. We at have acknowledged their quality and range of products as one of the best when it comes to production of bathroom accessories, baths, bath panels and other products pertaining to bathroom. All of their products are currently displayed in our website which can be referred before going for actual purchase of these merchandize. Nevertheless, our website has and will continue to guide the prospective buyer to get his exact requirement.
    Britton Bathrooms offer 24 products under the category of basins. Britton Bathrooms Ceramic Round Basin B52C is one of the basin model supplied by them which has prominent features like usage of ceramic vitreous china as a material with white finish and modern design and increased durability since it has been processed at 2,200 degree fahrenheit (1,200 degrees celsius) for forty hours. Apart from this, silica glaze has been used to maintain the color and remove the possibility of porosity. A Crystal or sapphire tap has been provided with this make. It weighs 8.2 kgs and no tap hole is given.
    Another Basin model by Britton Bathroom is Britton Bathrooms Cloakroom Washbasin (Left Handed) AQ.1730. which is also made out of the same material that is ceramic vitreous china with white finish It weighs 12 kgs and has one tap hole with Aqua overflow ring.

  • Bath Panels

    Britton bathrooms are synonymous with the special traits like durability, reliability, high quality and compatibility in terms of their products usage. They also produce bath panels that encompasses all the above mentioned features and therefore in demand. Their details can be referred from our website at which is also a brand in itself as it provides accurate information about the products and the company supplying them. Since our website is user friendly, it is now convenient for the prospective customer to go through the contents pertaining to the bathroom related products before choosing any product. You can go through our website quoted above and have a look at all the models available under particular category.
    Bath panels by Britton bathrooms are available in 9 models. Britton Bathrooms Eco curve Front Bath Panel R16F is a premium model which is made of Lucite / CG material and has a white finish.Their exquisite style will compel any intended user to go for it since their quality has been vouched for by our website. They are elegant in look and are easy to install. They weigh around 3.5 kg.
    The bath panels by Britton Bathrooms have another range of bath panel which is Britton Bathrooms Ecoround Front Bath Panel 150cm R20F. It has salient features like Lucite / CG Material make with white finish and weighs 5.3 kg. One cursory glance through our website for product image of this model is sure to leave the buyer impressed.

  • Bath Screens

    Bath screens by Britton Bathrooms need no introduction as they have been made by the producers who are acclaimed as innovative leaders of bathroom products like baths, showers, taps, bath screens and volumes of other high quality wares. They have been endowed with easy installation and usage facility with utmost attention paid to keep the prospective customers updated with their latest offerings by way of promoting their products through our website . The main advantage of using our website is that it covers a comprehensive and relevant details pertaining to the product and makes sure not to publish any false or misleading information that is detrimental to the customers.
    There are 8 categories of bath screen products made by Britton Bathrooms. Britton Bathrooms Single Panel Bath screen BS1 comprises of material made up of aluminium alloy profile with safety glass which has been anodized for its finish. The thickness of the glass used is 6 mm for safety. The safety glass given with this product comes with 3M Easy Clean Coating and is capable of being fitted in left or right hand baths. Their image is uploaded in the website for further reference.
    Bath screen has another model which is Britton Bathrooms Bathscreen With Fixed Panel BS2 and that too uses aluminium alloy profile with safety glass with aluminium alloy being anodized for a better finish. Thickness of safety glass is 6mm and comes along with 15 adjustments for fitting. A 3M Easy clean coating for safety glass is also available.

  • Bathroom Accessories

    As a leading manufacturer of bathroom related products and accessories, Britton Bathrooms are continuously flourishing in their business. Bathroom accessories produced by them are unmatchable in their design, models, quality and reliability in terms of both safety and durability. Our website has considered this fact and thereby agreed to feature them. In order to achieve a successful business in the long run, it has now become necessary either to have a website of one?s own or be featured or associated with a popular website to display the wares supplied by the company. We are proud to have Britton Bathrooms enlisted in our website.
    Britton Bathrooms present nearly 37 models of bathroom accessories out of which Britton Bathrooms Large Corner Wire Basket A32 CHR and Britton Bathrooms Long Stainless Steel Shelf BR7 can be named. Britton Bathrooms Large Corner Wire Basket A32 CHR is a bathroom accessory which has a chrome plate finish for durability and bodies are made of all brass construction to have an enhanced performance in the long run. They are irresistible and certainly provide a great value for money.
    Britton Bathrooms Long Stainless Steel Shelf BR7 is a bathroom accessory which has been bestowed with features like stainless steel material used as a component with a polished finish and an extra chrome plated domed screw has also been provided. The other varieties of bathroom accessories are accessible in our website for more information and multiple choice for the ultimate customer.

  • Baths

    Creating and maintaining the reputation as a global leader in products related with bathroom like accessories, mirrors, cabinets, sinks, taps, bath panels and baths etc. is very tough. Britton Bathrooms have been able to live up to the expectation of the buyers by offering a vast range of products that have been custom made to suit the requirement of the buyer without any compromise on the quality and standard. Strict adherence to high standard norms have proved to be a crucial factor in their success. Our website has been steadfast in keeping our users well informed regarding these products. Reliability is one term that can be associated with both Britton Bathrooms and our website since both of us are adept in delivering high value service to the customers.
    Nearly 15 types of baths are offered by Britton Bathrooms. Britton Bathrooms Ecoround 1500 Showering Bath Left Hand R19 is made out of Lucite / CG material and tap holes ranging from 0, 1 and 2 are given as additional products. It has white finish with modern design and has displacement capacity of 100 litres since the bath capacity is less than 70 litres and overflow hole is predrilled.
    Britton Bathrooms Ecoround 1700 Showering Bath Left Hand R21 is a bath model presented by Britton bathrooms that has been manufactured out of Lucite / CG just like the previous model quoted above and same quantity of tap holes provided. Displacement capacity is 130 litres.

  • Bidets

    Britton Bathrooms are well known for offering a myriad of bathroom and toilet related products that include Bidets. These Bidets are designed in such a way that it is too difficult for anyone who comes across them in our website at .to ignore them. Our website is thus the ultimate destination for searching for the premium quality bathroom products like showers, bath panels, bidets, mirrors and lighting by top class companies like Britton Bathrooms. We consider their products to be superior when compared to other similar concerns. Their services are prompt and their belief in creating excellent rapport with the ultimate buyer requires to be applauded.
    Bidets made by Britton bathrooms are available in 6 categories. Britton Bathrooms Cube S20 Wall Hung Bidet 20.1951 is manufactured using Vitreous china as a material and has a white color finish. Its compliance with High quality and safety norms is strictly met with and satisfies the basic eligibility criteria for being approved by our website.
    Britton Bathrooms Curve S30 Wall Hung Bidet 30.1961 is a variety of bidet produced by Britton Bathrooms who have emphasized on adherence to efficient and quality making of products and thereby uses Vitreous china as a material with white color finish. Images of both the models are available in our above mentioned website. It is indeed amazing to note that a single brand under the name of Britton Bathrooms have so many products listed under their business. Their flair for Bidet manufacturing is worth appreciation.

  • Furniture Units

    Britton Bathrooms are one of the recognized suppliers of bathroom accessories and bath related products. Our Website has every minute details which the prospective customer requires before purchasing these products. Browsing through our website will surely give you an experience of lifetime as you come across the multiple range of products available in the market. We encourage healthy competition and believe in promoting the well deserving firm through our website. Britton Bathrooms is one such firm which really deserves a huge applause.
    Furniture Units by Britton Bathrooms are one of its kind and is money?s worth. There are wide and impressive range of furniture units offered by Britton Bathrooms. Britton Bathrooms 300 Reef Single Mirrored Door Wall Cabinet C30R and Britton Bathrooms Curve S30 500 Semi Recessed Basin 30.1965 are some models available under furniture unit category.
    Vitreous China material has been used in making Britton Bathrooms Curve S30 500 Semi Recessed Basin 30.1965 type and has one tap hole with white color finish. It has been fired at 2,200 degree fahrenheit (1,200 degrees celsius) for forty hours. Silica glaze has been applied in order to preserve color depth and avoid porosity. It has a crystal or sapphire basin tap.
    Britton Bathrooms Compact 550 Basin & Tall Pedestal FP.1977 cm.0002 is a furniture unit that chiefly consists of Vitreous China material with white finish and has one tap hole. A Basin is supplied with pedestal.

  • Mirrors

    Britton Bathrooms have created a unique identity for themselves in the field of supplying bathroom products like shower trays, panels, vanity units, cabinets and mirrors etc. Their products are gaining immense popularity and to maintain their good show by reaching out to masses through internet, they have chosen our website to display their products. It is our privilege to be associated with a reputed brand like Britton Bathrooms. A mere glance through our website is enough to get an idea about them.
    Mirrors by Britton bathrooms are available in 8 varieties, some of which are Britton Bathrooms Compact Mirror With Led Lights & Infared Sensor 60cm M50O and Britton Bathrooms Mirror With Led Lights & Infared Sensor 50cm Framed In Black M10B. Mirrors under the former model have used wood and glass as material and have ocrean finish with five coats of paint and gloss finish. They have infra red on/ off switch and LED lighting is under side of the mirror. There is a back seal on the mirror.
    Britton Bathrooms Mirror With Led Lights & Infared Sensor 50cm Framed In Black M10B is a variety of mirror offered by Britton Bathrooms that basically uses wood and glass as material and the finish is black with five coats of paint and gloss finish. Under canopy of LED lighting is given in addition to LED lighting which as in previous case is under side of the mirror. Infrared on/off switch is also given with the sealing of mirror back.

  • Other

    As the name suggests, other bathroom related products like overflow rings and LED cabinet and drawer lighting are yet another types of bathroom related wares provided by Britton Bathrooms. These products are elegant and being made of quality material, they are very durable. We at have taken utmost care and precision in displaying their product description and images so that the buyers are not misguided. Britton Bathrooms have been key players in the market in the field of bathroom accessories and bath related products. Hence one can be assured about them without any apprehension regarding safety and quality norms. Their magnificent range of products is praiseworthy.
    There are nearly 19 products available under other category. Britton Bathrooms Chrome Plated Brass Overflow Ring BR16 chiefly has an all brass body construction with chrome plate and weighs 0.08 kg with a dimension of 28 x 28 x 6 mm. It gives a value for your money. As a matter of fact, this product is regarded as one of the best in the market. Their details are updated in our website.
    Britton Bathrooms Led Cabinet & Drawer Light LED 1 falls under other category of bathroom related products by Britton Bathrooms and encompasses features like LED finish with 0.05 kg weight and switches on using a movement censor with automatic switch off option enabled in 15 seconds after no movement is detected. It is operated using four AAA batteries which is not supplied with the product.

  • Shower Trays

    Amongst the enormous range of bathroom products and accessories produced by Britton Bathrooms , shower trays occupy a significant place and have been briefly described in our website . The motto of our website is to guide the probable customers in getting the best products which are worthy of the money spent in procuring them. By accessing our website mentioned above, one can be rest assured about the company they are going to deal with since, we recommend only those products of the firms that are complying with high standard and safety norms. Since the website has been designed to facilitate easier navigation, browsing is now more easier and saves time while searching for the information.
    Britton Bathrooms deal with 89 products under shower trays category. Britton Bathrooms Offset Quadrant Tray 1200 x 800mm Left Z1201 has been given a white finish with modern design and material used for making this product is Acrylic capped ABS. In addition to this, underside of tray has been pre-marked for fitting of feet and comes with a guarantee of 10 years.
    Britton Bathrooms Offset Quadrant Tray 1200 x 800mm Right Z1202 has the same qualities as the one mentioned above with similar guarantee. When one speaks of the multiple range of products available under a single category, the name that rings a bell is indeed Britton Bathrooms who are rendering an indispensible service by manufacturing such vast number of products associated with bathroom and toilet.

  • Showers

    Our website reckons the showers made by Britton Bathrooms as one of the best bathroom item s available in the market. Their models and a brief description of each one of them is available in our website at the disposal of our valued users and intended buyers for these products. Britton Bathrooms have stood tall and have managed to withstand the fierce competition given by other companies as far as bathroom related products are concerned. This fact is noteworthy and marks the achievement by the said company. Keeping pace with latest technology and at the same time ensuring safety and durability of their products is their forte.
    Britton Bathrooms have 10 categories of Shower Models. One of them is Britton Bathrooms Square Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve Including Handset & Hose V56 which has an all brass construction of body with chrome plated finish and includes a handset and hose. Their quality is guaranteed and have an awesome design which will please the prospective customer.
    Another model which is worth mentioning under shower category is Britton Bathrooms Thermostatic Shower Valve With Brass Faceplate & Handles V50 which is made of all brass body construction with chrome plated finish. They are supplied with low pressure thermostatic mixing valves. To be more specific, they meet all the requirements of compliance with High standard norms. These products are safe to buy and easy to install. Moreover, since they are made by a reputed brand like Britton bathrooms, they are very dependable.

  • Taps

    Taps produced by Britton Bathrooms are of superior quality and are made available in a wide and impressive range to suit the different needs of various customers. They have been designed to meet customer specification and traditional style has been used in combination with modern technology. Britton Bathrooms ?success as one of the best producers of bathroom related products, toilet, taps and bathroom accessories is laudable. The taps made by them have been elaborately incorporated in our website . The search for good quality taps finally ends with their description in our website. Latest addition to the existing models of taps are regularly monitored and featured in our website.
    There are 3 models supplied by Britton bathrooms under bottom trap category of taps. Britton Bathrooms Flat Bottomed Basin Bottle Trap W13 has a brass body construction and chrome plated finish to lend increased sustainability over longer period of usage. Britton Bathrooms Bath Filler On Stand Pipes W23 is another model of taps manufactured by Britton bathrooms. When the question of their characteristics arises, it can be said that they are of very high standard and made of all brass construction with chrome plated finish. They have mixers fitted with a flow straightner for keeping pace with low pressure installations and are supplied with Spare high pressure aerator with every mixer to meet high pressure installation. The working pressure to be exerted while using these mixers range from a minimum 0.2 bar to maximum 0.5 bar.

  • Toilet Seats

    Britton bathrooms are emerging as one of the leading manufacturers of Toilet seats. One of the reason for their success in getting customer base is that they have reached out to wider range of customers by advertising through our website at . Beautiful models with a rich luxurious look at an affordable prices have rendered their products as a best bet and absolutely desirable. Their huge merchandize is not just restricted to baths and showers but extends to as many category as Toilet seats, bath panels, mirrors ,cabinets and many more to come. Their huge array of products have been accurately covered in depth by our website which can be browsed through at any time.
    Toilet seats offered By Britton bathrooms are of 5 models out of which Britton Bathrooms Carbamide Soft Close Angled Seat For Curve, Fine & Tall Pans SS.1027 and Britton Bathrooms Carbamide Soft Close Seat For Curve, Fine & Tall Pans SS.1026 are notable. Britton Bathrooms Carbamide Soft Close Angled Seat For Curve, Fine & Tall Pans SS.1027 has been made of carbamide material with a white finish and modern design. It weighs 2.2 kg. Their details can be referred from our website.
    Britton Bathrooms Carbamide Soft Close Seat For Curve, Fine & Tall Pans SS.1026 has the same features as discussed above except that it weighs 2 kg as against 2.2 kg in the model mentioned above. Britton Bathrooms being innovative in nature, they are constantly upgrading their range of products.

  • Toilets

    It is a must for every household to possess a good quality toilet. It is equally important to have a clean and hygienic one to avoid a possible occurrence of any disease. Toilets manufactured by Britton Bathrooms are recommended by our website . When our website is visited by any probable buyer, he or she will realize the reason why we have emphasized on buying the toilet products by Britton Bathrooms by going through the relevant information. Along with the ever increasing popularity of the company that we are dealing, our website is also gaining popularity for which we thank our users and clients.
    Britton Bathrooms are specialized dealers in wall hung toilets and close coupled toilets. Wall hung toilets are available in 4 models whereas close coupled toilets are available in nearly 15 models. Britton Bathrooms Cube S20 Wall Hung Toilet Pan With Soft Close Seat 20.195 SS.1025 is a toilet system that includes white finish material made out of vitreous china and has a modern design. This model cannot be ignored and their quality is superior.
    Britton Bathrooms Cube S20 Close Coupled WC With Standard Lid Cistern & Soft Close Seat 20.1949 CC.1036 SS.1025 is a model of toilets produced by Britton Bathrooms which uses modern design and made of vitreous china material with a white finish. Floor fixings and cistern fittings are given as additional accessories with the toilet.

  • Vanity Units

    Vanity Units by Britton Bathrooms are made of superior quality material and are very reliable in terms of endurance, usage and available at affordable rates. Britton Bathrooms specialize in supplying merchandise which include bathroom products like vanity units, furniture units, shower trays, bath panels and many more which is really amazing. We at suggest you to browse through the catalogues, for more accurate and relevant details which might be of interest to you.
    Britton Bathrooms deal with more than 20 varieties of vanity units. Some models like Britton Bathrooms All-In-One Floor-Standing Unit & Cloakroom Basin Black AQ.1731 R50B and Britton Bathrooms 1000 Floor Standing Black Double Drawer Unit With Marble Round Basin Right T53C T66C B52M D52B are worth mentioning. Britton Bathrooms All-In-One Floor-Standing Unit & Cloakroom Basin Black AQ.1731 R50B has many admirable features like modern design using wood and marble material finish in black color and weighs 25 kgs. It has soft close doors and has used five coats of paint with a gloss finish and 6mm safety glass shelves with door opening on either left or right side. Cabinet or drawer lighting has been supplied but separate basin is required.
    Britton Bathrooms 1000 Floor Standing Black Double Drawer Unit With Marble Round Basin Right T53C T66C B52M D52B is a vanity unit by Britton Bathrooms which encompasses traits like usage of wood as material and finish in black with five coats of paint with gloss finish, soft close doors , cabinet or drawer lighting etc.