Our shower category includes all the things that are aimed at getting you wet or keeping the water where it belongs to. The showers category includes the fittings required for a shower to function normally and keep it intact at a place, most common and important of them being shower valves, shower kits, Shower trays and shower doors. All these items are required compulsory when it comes to fitting a shower in the bathroom, so if we sell different kind of showers, isn?t it obligatory to provide you the much needed fitting as well? So, here we are, at your service, providing you with all the things you could probably need in your bathroom. In our website, we have included a section that deals with all the wonderful waterproof shower wall boards we supply. You can ditch the tiles and install the shower boards in their place. These boards offer a much better solution than tiles. You can have a look in the shower wall boards section for more details. This website contains all the bathroom items and fitting that you may probably need; and has the largest variety to choose from, and all of these products are also on show in our physical showroom. Hence we request you to have a visit so that we may have the opportunity to serve you better in person. We would be grateful for your visit and expect you to be happy with our services and quality of products.



  • Shower Valves

    Sometimes simple, understated is the way to go at Our Store but don?t get carried away, quality is the solid foundation we have built over all those years we have been in operation ensuring we deliver quality at the request of our customers and who in turn have given us positive feedback and much needed support.. Our pressure-balancing valves are an all-in-one solution that lets you turn the shower on and off as you would enjoyably wish as well as control water temperature with one handle. Typically used with a showerhead or hand shower and bath spout, pressure-balancing valves are a great solution for a shower used by children or guests.
    Enhance your experience with a transfer valve and run up to three components. If you want to take a basic shower to the next level, a manual thermostatic system is the right choice for you. Perfect for elaborate customized showers, manual thermostatic valves let you set the temperature once and never have to adjust it again. Enjoy complete control of your showering experience using separate volume control valves to adjust the flow of each water delivery cording to your preference. Our shower valves are durable and you need no maintenance cost for them at all as our top notch quality covers that for you and leaves you to focus on more pressing issues. Visit us online to get the best experience with our range of shower valves.

  • Adjustable Shower Kits

    Our Store ensures a constantly excellent array of products that go a long way in meeting customer unique preference. Technology in adjustable shower kits has moved on a long way from the classic days of a mixer unit that blended the hot and cold water supplies together to a shower head at a temperature that suited the user. It could be quite a hit and miss operation, particularly if the cold supply was fed directly from the main supply and the pressure was high. This could and often did, result in the cold supply being too strong, the result being a weak and often cool shower and in effect not serving the inadequacy that was meant to be sorted out, having a warm shower. With our adjustable kits you can rest assured that such problems cannot result with the technology we have put in place.
    Our modern adjustable shower kits mixer units are thermostatically controlled to guarantee the correct temperature for the user each and every time. But it is not just about water adjustment; at our shower kits web pages we have a wide variety of complete or partial shower kits which are designed to help you choose a new shower, or possibly upgrade and existing one. On our website you will be able to see close to dozens of kits and these include the very latest thermostatic mixer units in the market, so visit us online to get the very best from our wide range of products and getting you served will be our mutual partnership. Our after sales service is among the best you can possibly get, try us and you will not get disappointed.

  • Complete Mixer Showers
  • Digital Showers
  • Electric Showers

    Our website presents and promotes bathroom products like showers, taps , bath panels, bathroom accessories etc. by multiple brands or firms who have established themselves as emerging leaders in the market. Bristan showers, who have been in the business for over 35 years, have achieved resounding success in their business. They are offering showers ranging from simple mixer showers to power showers and electric showers. They are also engaged in shower valves and taps, the details of which are available in the above mentioned website.
    Our website primarily endorses only those products which are of high quality, offer durability and are available at reasonable rates. Thus, electric showers by Bristan showers occupy an important place as far as shower ranges are concerned. Bristan Bliss 10.5kw electric shower white BL105W, Bristan Bliss 8.5kw electric shower white BL85W and Bristan Glee 8.5kw electric shower White GLE85W are some of the available models under electric showers category By Bristan showers. Bristan Bliss 10.5kw electric shower white BL105W has admirable traits like Separate touch button on/off button, power controls, Separate temperature display and designed with anti limescale technology. The accessories given with this product consists of riser rail with adjustable fixing bracket and rub clean multi mode handset, easy clean hose and Shelf with retractable hooks. Bristan Bliss 8.5kw electric shower white BL85W runs on a power of 8.5 Kw as the model suggests but the other features are the same as in Bristan Bliss 10.5kw electric shower white BL105W model.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Power Showers

    Bristan Showers, one of the leading manufacturers of showers and taps have proved themselves as a brand to be reckoned with. Our Website features them prominently to enable the prospective customer to gain an insight into their business so that they get the best of the products at reasonable rates without having to compromise on the quality.
    Bristan Showers also have power enabled showers which are basically of 2 types Bristan Thermostatic Power Shower 1000 in White HYPOWSHX10W and Bristan Thermostatic Power Shower 1500 in White HYPOWSHXW. Bristan Thermostatic Power Shower 1000 in White HYPOWSHX10W
    Bristan Thermostatic Power Shower 1000 in White HYPOWSHX10W, a renowned power shower by Bristan showers comes with special features like thermostatic coating with white finish, also assured of replacement for for the New Team 1000 power shower, consisting of Push button start/stop (single dial temp), 15mm push fit, endowed with Connection?nlet etc. It allows a working pressure ranging from 0.1 - 1.0 bar and has a flow rate of x. 10.0 l/min open outlet. The plumbing system is applicable for Low pressure gravity systems only. 3 function rub clean handset and Shower?ose and flat backed riser kit with integral hose retainer and soap tray are also provided. They are also Surface mounted with choice of rear or side feeds to 15mm push Pipe feeds are on the Right hand side of the shower.?owers showers by Bristan showers have created a name for themselves. Their products are now accessible in our above mentioned website.

  • Rigid Riser Shower Kits
  • Shower Handsets
  • Shower Heads

    A choice of two lengths of shower arm lets you decide how far from the wall the shower head should be located therefore enabling you to shower in a comfortable position. Our Store has high quality products that are durable and are pocket friendly. Our products are available with a 12"" or 16"" length our shower arms are suitable for use with the majority of the head showers. Some of our showers need a special 16"" shower arm that offers support to the shower head. All of these shower arms are available in our bath and shower products online brochure. Fixed shower heads may prove a perfect resource for a small shower area, thanks to their compatible size. The angle of the shower head can be adjusted to direct the water in the most comfortable position.
    For an optimum experience choose a ceiling-mounted shower head. Unlike a head shower fixed to the wall that is either directly or with a shower arm, the location of your shower is unrestricted. If you have the space, make a statement by locating your shower head in the center of a large walk-in shower area. This ensures compatibility with a range of ceiling heights. Our fixed shower heads can be used with either a wall-mounted shower arm or a ceiling-mounted shower arm and only depends on your individual preference.
    Our online catalogue also includes head showers designed to be fixed directly to the wall or flush mounted into the ceiling. For maximum comfort, the shower head should be located at least 7 inches above the head of the tallest person in your household. To control the flow and temperature of your shower water you will need a shower valve. All of these items can be found in our bath and shower collection. Visit us online and choose the very best products at a pocket friendly price.

  • Shower Panels
  • Shower Pumps

    Shower pumps are ideal for homes with low water pressure hence installing a shower pump to your existing shower can provide the extra boost you need for better shower experience. A power shower is similar to a mixer shower but has the shower pump built in which increases the rate of water flow through the shower head adding extra boost to your showering experience. Hot or cold water must be above the shower pump to prevent the intake of air in the system. Bristan has a selection of thermostatic power showers that will guarantee a luxurious shower every time.
    A shower pump can be fitted with a mixer shower to boost water flow and as with power showers a shower pump will need a committed water supply and should be fixed to the water supply before it reaches the mixer valve, however they should not be connected to a combination boiler or the main water supply. At Our Store we have Bristan shower pumps that boost and provide a substantial increase in water pressure for your shower experience. Our shower Pumps can be used can be used with any good quality mixer shower or shower panel. We have one of the best prices in town for shower pumps that suits your every taste. So whether you are planning for a for a whole new bathroom design or are just looking for a bit of a refresh, the stylish and functional range of Bristan bathroom taps and showers make it an easy choice for you.