Clearwater Bathrooms

The Clearwater range of baths is dominated by the luxurious free standing designs that are available in both contemporary and traditional styles. Engineered with exquisite materials like natural stone, the wide range of models means that there is something to suit every customer. There is a variety of shapes for both natural stone baths and modern bathtubs with some units fitted onto the floor and some on stands made of wood or metal. The stainless steel frame for the Orient model is especially suitable for modern apartments. Traditional baths with decorative legs can be supplied in a heart shape, a bateau shape or the ever popular emperor shape with a high back at one end.
A traditional stone bath like the Batello is equipped with classic chrome feet or can be supplied with black or white feet so that you can match the bath to your decor. These baths have a click clack waste and exposed bath overflow, plug and chain. With a centre tap fitting that can include a hand shower accessory the Classico model with chrome claw feet looks amazing as a centrepiece for a spacious bathroom. The Romano has an end tap fitting and holds a huge 177 litres of water making it the ideal tub for luxury relaxation.

Modern Baths From Clearwater Bathrooms

Two of the most popular models from the modern range of bathtubs at Clearwater are the Teardrop and the Apollo. The Teardrop has a capacity for 188 litres of water and sits directly on the floor. The square shaped Apollo will hold 170 litres and look ultra modern with an exposed overflow. Other modern baths from Clearwater Bathrooms feature the Orient with a wooden frame in oak or mahogany and for smaller bathrooms there is the Nouveau Petite which measures just 800 x 1500 x 630 mm. This model holds 98 litres and is the perfect answer for bijou spaces.

Matching basins for the modern bath range include the Large, Medium or Small Roll Top basins with overflow. Fitted with traditional styled mixer taps the basins complete the elegant look. Matching basins for the Orient bath with stainless steel frame support are the Medium or Large Roll Tops set on a stainless steel stand. All basins are supplied with click clack wastes and you can choose from a traditional, flat or square basin bottle trap. Clearwater Bathrooms supplies an amazing amount of different styles and designs for the modern bathroom.

Wash Basins And Taps At Clearwater Bathrooms

Luxurious natural stone basins with many different shapes are supplied by Clearwater Bathrooms. The oval Formoso model is white and has no overflow. Fitted with a Sapphire mixer tap the basin epitomises the amazing style of all Clearwater products. A similar product is the Sonuoso design that is ideal for placing on a wooden vanity or cabinet. Traditional wash basins such as the Roll Top models can be fitted inside the top of cabinets. Alternatively, you can choose to have a free standing wash basin on a stainless steel frame with a shelf underneath. The choice is your when it comes to finding the best luxury products from Clearwater.

The exclusively designed range of Crystal taps supplied by Clearwater bathrooms include bath shower mixers on stand pipes, single lever bath fillers and deck mounted bath filler mixers. The Crystal basin mixer has a pop up waste. The Sapphire range offers single lever bath fillers, tall basin mixers and a single lever bath filler with pipe floor standing. All taps are supplied with flow straighter to cope with low water pressure or aerator to deal with high water pressure. These two elements produce a steady stream of water at a constant rate.

The Large Range Of Clearwater Baths

With over 40 styles of bath on offer, Clearwater is the first choice for customers who want a traditional natural stone bath or a modern bath. Only the best materials are used by Clearwater to produce some of the most exciting baths around. If you want to experience the luxury of a Clearwater bathroom you can choose from Victorian styling or ultra contemporary designs. Sold only through approved stockists, Clearwater baths are made from traditional materials or the modern acrylics that are so easy to keep clean. Both will be a delight for your home.

Whichever style of Clearwater bath you decide to have you can be sure that you will be delighted. Clearwater has a range of accredited suppliers for all the accessories you will need to make your bathroom complete. The natural stone baths that Clearwater supplies deserve to be complemented by luxurious fluffy towels and stylish towel rails and these are available from the approved stockists. Look at free standing Victorian style towel rails that will go perfectly with the Romano natural stone bath. Or, choose Italian towels to fit in with the design of the Vicenza Piccolo natural stone bath. There are endless possibilities for accessories for Clearwater bathrooms.

Why Choose Clearwater Baths?

Many people choose Clearwater baths for their looks alone. However, the enineering of the products along with the good looks means that you can have stylish luxury as well as superb craftsmanship. With traditional, modern and natural stone baths available the range is wide enough to accommodate all kinds of bathrooms. Smaller spaces can still fit in the fabulous heart shaped traditional bath with black feet. This measures just 1330 x 1630 x 585 mm and looks amazing when installed into a corner. A spacious bathroom can accommodate any of the wide range of Clearwater baths so the choice is down to you.

Craftsmanship and high quality materials are at the heart of Clearwater bathrooms and the free standing baths can be easily installed in most spaces. Taps can be fitted at the end or for some models in the centre. The Sapphire bath shower mixer on stand pipes is free standing and perfectly complements the traditional style that Clearwater epitomises. For high quality products matched by excellent design and build Clearwater bathrooms are the best choice around.