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Here at Our Stores we have an impressive range of Crosswater Taps and Showers. Our Tre Mercati Taps and Showers range is the most is the most comprehensive range that you will find anywhere online and we are sure you will find what you are looking for unbeatable price. The desired choice for any restroom, our comprehensive collection of brassware presents better-quality designs whether you are looking for a compact or statement solution. Joining together style, superiority and function, our design reflects modern tastes that complement any contemporary scheme.

Crosswater is famed for its distinctive style and for creating the next generation of kitchen, washbasin, bath taps, and showering solutions. Beautifully crafted taps from Crosswater will look amazing in any bathroom with their breath taking design. Acting as a design focal point in any room, these taps are also highly functional. You will find these distinctive brassware collections have matching shower valves and heads and a range of coordinating thermostatic valves to complete and unify your final look.

Our standards are unrivalled with the high quality materials and the advanced techniques engaged, to offer you outstanding value and excellence in design. For your absolute bathroom solutions, our fully trained in-house customer service team can provide you with an efficient one stop shop for all of your bathroom requirements. The advantages of our delivery services are immense; you can check goods as they are not all strapped to an cumbersome pallet. The drivers will help to carry goods in for you if you are alone or unable.




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    Our Store has a wide variety of bathroom basin mixer taps that are conveniently made for the classy modern tasty customer. We stock a selection of bathroom products and accessories from top quality designers and manufacturers. The range consists of both modern and classic basin mixer taps for you to choose from. It is very easy to find something suitable for your bathroom, as there are many price ranges and designs to surf through.
    Free delivery is available on some of our items to save you even more money. One of the more expensive products within this range is the Bristan 1901 Basin Mixer with Pop-up Waste. You can choose from two different finishes complementing your bathroom and that would most probably be chrome or gold. The pop-up waste feature provides an outstanding functionality and helps with the clean-up process. This is a must for any stylish home. We aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, as we pride ourselves on an efficient service. Our couriers are fast, reliable, and trusted, delivering your goods in a perfect condition. The products at our online catalogue are hand crafted to offer a high level degree of excellence as well as unmatched performance and durability that even our closest competitors can dare offer. Make a visit at our website for exclusive products.

  • Basin Taps

    Adding another feather to its cap is the basin taps manufactured by Bristan Taps. It has been our endeavor to recommend only the products of those companies which are reliable in terms of durability , high quality, price, elegant design and easy to install bathroom related products and accessories and also kitchen plumbing requirement at our website. Bristan Taps is one such company which can be trusted. Our easy to navigate system makes browsing of the catalogues of the products by Bristan Taps relatively simple and time saving.
    There are nearly 76 models of Basin taps produced by Bristan Taps. Bristan 1901 Vanity Basin Pillar Taps Chrome NVANC and Bristan 5412 Cross Top Basin Taps VAX1/2C are some of the products offered by them. As far as the features of Bristan 1901 Vanity Basin Pillar Taps Chrome NVANC are concerned, they have chrome finish for increased sustainability and endurance.
    Bristan 5412 Cross Top Basin Taps VAX1/2C is also chrome plated with a unique design for the basin. They artistic features is sure to leave the ultimate customers impressed as Bristan Taps is synonymous with best quality products at affordable rates. Their details are also mentioned in our website mentioned above. They are a brand to be reckoned with as they use latest technology to design their products. Moreover, these basin taps are suitable for meeting the plumbing requirement of the customers. Their details can be referred from our website mentioned above.

  • Bath Filler Taps

    Our Store are in the offing of not only standard quality Bath Filler Taps but we also offer an amazing range of products that definitely exceed customer expectations. We are renowned for producing enviable products that our customers are proud of and are always asking for more. The perfection in supplying quality Bath Filler taps has taken us to next level. We offer well proven premium quality bath filler taps that enables home owners to achieve designer look with excellent functionality at a very cost effective price that customers are and willing to offer for the product.
    Bath Filler taps from our company are now offered at low price compared to our competitors in the same niche who exorbitantly charge higher prices and the products do not meet the minimum threshold of performance. With our products you are not only guaranteed a top notch product but you are also insured against losing your hard earned money on poor products that are going to cost you an extra buck in the future due to repairs and the ultimate purchase of a new Bath Filler Taps. Our products are unique and have given us the much needed customer feedback over the past thereby enabling us achieve an even more milestone in designing and delivering high end products that offer a guarantee to our customers in terms of product design and functionality. Visit us online and check out this amazing catalogue of products that we display and we promise an experience of a lifetime.

  • Bath Shower Mixer Taps

    Because it is often the smallest or sometimes the most ignored room in the house, planning and replacing a bathroom can be quite challenging. Most importantly, whatever the space of the room, there are always tones of products available to help you out in achieving your unique bathroom needs. Bathroom taps can completely make or break the whole set up design concept of whichever bathroom, therefore whether you become choosy for a freestanding or fitted bath, it is imperative to choose appropriate taps. Where space is at a premium cost, incorporating bath shower mixer taps is an ideal solution which gives your bath versatility.
    If you do not wish to completely remodel your bathroom, replacement of old taps with matching basin and bath taps can enhance the aesthetics of the room, giving it a more unique look. For quality, durability, top notch design and performance, it becomes important investing in branded taps from renowned and reputable companies. Reputable manufacturers rigorously test their products from time to time to check their reliability unlike smaller ones which cannot manage to run such an expensive affair. With an enormous choice of rather exquisite bath shower mixer taps, our online brochure will definitely exceed the expectations of the most discerning customer. All our taps are made from the renowned brass ingots and plated in chrome, and their shower hoses have the merit of being anti-kink. Visit us at Our Stores and try our Bath Shower Mixer Taps and we promise that will be the start of our mutual cooperation in terms of meeting your every expectation when it comes to bathroom products. Visit our website for more amazing products.

  • Bath Taps

    There are many firms engaged in supplying bath taps. But Bristan Taps emerges as a clear winner by offering more than 59 types of bath taps which occupy a special place in our website . Their details are regularly updated in our website. Bath Taps By Bristan is incomparable in terms of quality, finish, reliability and style. One visit to our above mentioned website will make it clear why Bristan Taps have been endorsed.
    Bristan taps produces bath taps that include Bristan Blade Bath Taps BL3/4C and Bristan Club Utility Bath Taps Chrome Plated with Metal Heads VAC 3/4CMT. Bristan Blade Bath Taps BL3/4C is made out of brass body construction with ?turn ?ceramic disc valves. These taps have been manufactured using modern design with minimal styling and meets all plumbing requirements. There is also an inlet connection of ?BSP and has a chrome finish with Water Pressure: Min. 0.1 bar, Max. 8.0 bar.
    Bristan Club Utility Bath Taps Chrome Plated with Metal Heads VAC 3/4CMT by Bristan Taps have salient features like chrome plated finish with brass body construction with ?Standard valve and applicable for all plumbing system and provided with metal heads and metal back nuts. It facilitates a water pressure of Water Pressure: Min 0.2 bar, Max. 7.0 bar and has inlet connection of I?BSP. With these added features, bath taps by Bristan are the best bargain one can get. Other varieties of bath taps by Bristan have been mentioned in the website.

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  • Mixer Showers

    Our Website is proud to be associated with Bristan Showers , an eminent dealer in Mixer showers, Power showers and other varieties of bathroom related products and accessories. Their wide range of mixer shower products are not only displayed in our website but also their competitive prices and description are given to enable the end users to get fair idea about the quality of the products. Bristan Showers have as many as thirty three products available under Mixer shower category of which Bristan 1901 Thermostatic Surface Shower, Rigid Riser & Diverter NSHXDIVC, Bristan Acute Thermostatic Recessed Shower Valve & Riser AESHCARC and Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve with Riser?an be quoted. Bristan 1901 Thermostatic Surface Shower, a premium quality mixer shower manufactured by Bristan Showers has 1901 thermostatic surface?ounted shower with rigid riser and diverter with shower handset. It has been coated with chrome finish and has a 5 year manufacturers?guarantee. Bristan showers have been engaged in the manufacturing process of Showers and taps etc for over 35 years. The quality is thus assured which is why our website has enlisted them.
    Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve with Riser? another mixer shower product by Bristan showers also has been made with thermostatic surface mounted bar shower valve with adjustable riser and fast fit connections. They are easy to install and also come with a manufacturer?s warranty of 5 years. For more details one can browse through our website mentioned above.

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