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  • Basin Mixer Taps

    Bristan Taps are leading suppliers of basin mixer taps and have been constantly featuring in our website .As a viable opportunity for the ultimate customers to choose in terms of different types of taps for plumbing for both kitchen and bathroom installation. They are easy to install and their durability is unquestionable. Bristan Taps have been in the business for over 35 years which is really commendable. Their years of experience in manufacturing showers and taps are convincing enough to make their products a must buy. We at the above mentioned website have therefore enlisted them for the prospective customers.
    Bristan Taps supply nearly 123 varieties of Basin Mixer Taps of which Bristan 1901 Basin Mixer Chrome with Ceramic Disc Valves NBASCCD, and Bristan Art Deco Basin Mixer With Pop-up Waste DBASCCD can be quoted.
    Bristan 1901 Basin Mixer Chrome with Ceramic Disc Valves NBASCCD comprises of disc valves made of ceramic finish and given a chrome plate to give enhanced durability to the product. Bristan Art Deco Basin Mixer With Pop-up Waste DBASCCD is yet another basin mixer tap which has been bestowed ith special characteristics like Luxury chrome finish, Ceramice Disc Valves to facilitate easy usage and provided with taps that are traditionally styled with brass body construction and allows the exertion of working pressure of minimum Min. 0.2 bar, Max. 8.0 bar and has a M12 x 15mm screw-in copper connecting pipes for inlet connection.?/p>

  • Basin Taps
  • Bath Filler Taps

    Bristan Taps have established themselves as one of the leading makers of bath filler taps. The whole array of products offered by them are prominently featured in our website so that they are easily accessible for selection based on their intricate design, style, quality, durability etc. Since all the required information concerning these products are readily available at the website itself, it is now more easier to buy and avoid unnecessary hassles at the comfort of your home. The ultimate customers have wider range of choice available as they can personally see the images of various bath filler taps uploaded in our website.
    Bath filler taps by Bristan taps come in many ranges out of which Bristan 1901 Bath Filler Gold with Ceramic Disc Valves NBFGCD and Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bath Filler Tap ARTHBFC can be mentioned. The former model is gold coated with ceramic disc valves and are perfectly in synchronization with the plumbing system. They offer high endurance and are reliable. Regarding Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Bath Filler Tap ARTHBFC, it has been adorned with special features like Separate Dual control Flow and temperature control, culminating in accurate control over both, application of Thermostatic control, Enabled with ?utomatic shut off in the event of hot or cold water supply failure, thus eliminating any possible injury, Temperature set up at factory at 38? to avoid selecting unsafe temperature. Chrome finish with bodies of brass construction and ?Standard valve and also thermostatic cartridridge is given with this product.

  • Bath Shower Mixer Taps

    Bristan Taps lead from the front when one speaks of Bath Shower Mixer Taps. Their exquisite make and design is displayed in our website .Which vouches for their ultimate quality and performance. To check for their latest products, you can visit our website and have a glance over the wide range of products dealt by them. Bristan Taps also present Bath shower Mixer Taps which are available in as many as 94 models.
    Bristan 1901 Bath Shower Mixer Gold with Ceramic Disc Valves NBSMGCD, Bristan 5412 Cross Top Bath Shower Mixer & Thermostatic Shower VAXTHBSMVOC and Bristan Acute Bath Shower Mixer Tap AEBSMC can be quoted as some of the best varieties available in the market. Bristan 1901 Bath Shower Mixer Gold with Ceramic Disc Valves NBSMGCD has been gold plated whereas Bristan 5412 Cross Top Bath Shower Mixer & Thermostatic Shower VAXTHBSMVOC is of a chrome finish. Both guarantee trouble free usage with a manufacturer?s guarantee of 5 years.
    Bristan Acute Bath Shower Mixer Tap AEBSMC is another Bath Shower Mixer Taps By Bristan Taps that is easy to install and amply provided with flexible connectors with built in isolators for quick and easy connectivity to pipes coupled with easy to use metal lever handles. A 1.75m hose, wall bracket and single function shower handset with rub clean nozzle has also been supplied and consists of ceramic disc valves for usage and durability. It allows a working pressure of Minimum 0.2bar and Max 8.0bar for exertion.

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