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Our Store ensures a constantly excellent array of products that go a long way in meeting customer unique preference. Technology in adjustable shower kits has moved on a long way from the classic days of a mixer unit that blended the hot and cold water supplies together to a shower head at a temperature that suited the user. It could be quite a hit and miss operation, particularly if the cold supply was fed directly from the main supply and the pressure was high. This could and often did, result in the cold supply being too strong, the result being a weak and often cool shower and in effect not serving the inadequacy that was meant to be sorted out, having a warm shower. With our adjustable kits you can rest assured that such problems cannot result with the technology we have put in place.
Our modern adjustable shower kits mixer units are thermostatically controlled to guarantee the correct temperature for the user each and every time. But it is not just about water adjustment; at our shower kits web pages we have a wide variety of complete or partial shower kits which are designed to help you choose a new shower, or possibly upgrade and existing one. On our website you will be able to see close to dozens of kits and these include the very latest thermostatic mixer units in the market, so visit us online to get the very best from our wide range of products and getting you served will be our mutual partnership. Our after sales service is among the best you can possibly get, try us and you will not get disappointed.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 377 items