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Sometimes simple, understated is the way to go at Our Store but don?t get carried away, quality is the solid foundation we have built over all those years we have been in operation ensuring we deliver quality at the request of our customers and who in turn have given us positive feedback and much needed support.. Our pressure-balancing valves are an all-in-one solution that lets you turn the shower on and off as you would enjoyably wish as well as control water temperature with one handle. Typically used with a showerhead or hand shower and bath spout, pressure-balancing valves are a great solution for a shower used by children or guests.
Enhance your experience with a transfer valve and run up to three components. If you want to take a basic shower to the next level, a manual thermostatic system is the right choice for you. Perfect for elaborate customized showers, manual thermostatic valves let you set the temperature once and never have to adjust it again. Enjoy complete control of your showering experience using separate volume control valves to adjust the flow of each water delivery cording to your preference. Our shower valves are durable and you need no maintenance cost for them at all as our top notch quality covers that for you and leaves you to focus on more pressing issues. Visit us online to get the best experience with our range of shower valves.

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